Supercar Blondie left “disappointed” by Porsche Taycan’s design

Kieran Bicknell

Having taken the world by storm, the all-electric Porsche Taycan Turbo has won many fans. Unfortunately, Supercar Blondie was left “disappointed” by the Taycan, and she explains why in her September 29 video.

With incredible acceleration, handling, and performance characteristics, the Taycan proved to be an immediate hit when released in earlier in 2020. Many YouTubers fell head-over-heels for the electric Porsche, but Supercar Blondie had an altogether different experience.

That’s not to say that she didn’t have plenty of praise for the Taycan, too. The blistering speed at which it accelerates from 0-60 had her giggling like a schoolgirl, while the “clever” dual charging ports left her wishing conventional cars had two gas filler caps.

Supercar Blondie was left “disappointed” that the Taycan’s design didn’t resemble the Mission:E concept more closely.

“Super Futuristic”

The “super futuristic” edgeless dash display fully impressed SB, as did the amount of luggage capacity for a car such as this. She was also a fan of the pop-out door handles that retract into the body when locked, along with the clever aerodynamic design of the wheels.

Inside the Taycan, Blondie was very impressed with the overall interior design, calling it “super cool” but there were a few issues. The air vents have to be controlled via the touchscreen on the center console, which she called “a cool feature, but very annoying.”

The biggest issues however involve the design of the car. “Looking at it, it’s obviously a Porsche… but my issue here is they had a chance to completely redesign the car,” she said. “I’m a little bit disappointed because I would really love to see Porsche push the boundaries of design.”

“A whole new era of cars”

Comparing it to the Mission: E concept that Porsche showed before releasing the Taycan, there are a number of glaring omissions which SB highlights. The concept showed rear-hinged ‘suicide doors’ but these never made it onto the production model.

Not only were the doors missing, but the front fenders and hood are much less aggressively-styled than on the Mission:E concept. While unmistakably  Porsche in design, Blondie “really wished [Porsche] made it stand out, especially when you’re talking about a whole new era of cars.”

Overall, SB was impressed by the car, in particular its performance. Whether that would be enough for her to overlook the design faults remains to be seen – perhaps we’ll see an EV on the Supercar Blondie channel in the future?

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