Warzone’s MORS nerf is a good first step to balance meta, but more is needed

Shane Black
MORS inspect in Warzone

The recent nerf to the MORS is certainly going to alter the Warzone meta, but it’s not enough to completely change it back to favoring AR’s and SMG’s.

Since its release as part of the Season 3 launch, the MORS sniper rifle has been dominating the meta in Warzone in a way that snipers never have.

Its penetration capabilities and powerful shots made it so that, with the right attachments to boost those stats, players could one-shot each other through walls on a consistent basis.

Of course, many people were not thrilled with this development and felt like this was too much power and it wasn’t fair to be shot through such thick materials while taking cover. Fortunately, for those people, the MORS has been hit with a nerf to change it.

The nerf is aimed at the penetration of the MORS, and the details are as follows:

  • Reduced penetration on base weapon
  • Photonic Charge Barrel will no longer provide uncapped penetration
  • Reduced penetration multiplier provided by HVP Anti-Materiel Slug Ammo

The goal is to have the MORS still be just as powerful as it was for a target out in the open, but now, shooting someone through a wall will be less likely to result in a one-shot kill.

Many Warzone fans are not happy with this change, with one user on the game’s subreddit saying, “Just when we finally had a fun sniper.”

However, this isn’t necessarily true, as the meta isn’t going to change because of this. Sure, the MORS is going to be a little less powerful in some situations, but not enough to make it completely useless on the battlefield.

Warzone has a lot of open areas on every map, meaning that having a gun like the MORS will still net you plenty of kills. Perhaps the penetration can still be powerful for thinner materials like wood, but not allowing shots to go, full-force, through cement is totally fine.

This nerf is opening the doors for more weapons to emerge in the meta, allowing more AR’s and SMG’s to become powerful options, while still having the MORS be more than viable.

In fact, an argument could be made that the MORS needs more nerfs to make it less dominant. Yes, a good sniper rifle makes the game more fun, but having one weapon that can dominate so much is not healthy for the game.

There needs to be more variety to the meta than just one gun that can kill someone with one shot; it’s just not a fun experience for the larger community. So while this nerf is a good thing, there is more to do and the devs should keep looking into making the MORS a little more balanced.

Keep the MORS’ power where it’s at, but reduce its range. Give it some more recoil to make lining up multiple shots in a row a little more difficult. These are just possibilities of what can be done to give it more balance without sacrificing what makes it fun to use.

It’s great to have snipers having some time in the spotlight, but Warzone is better off with the MORS losing some penetration, and more in the future. In time, the meta – and the players – will be thankful for it.

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