Vikkstar responds to Warzone Wednesday “hacking” accusations

Theo Salaun

After winning three consecutive weeks of Keemstar’s Warzone Wednesday tournaments, Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn has now responded to the heat received for a clip that fans suspected indicates hacking. 

Warzone Wednesdays bring together the biggest Call of Duty streamers from around the world to compete for a $20,000 prize. English streamers Vikkstar and Kacey ‘WarsZ’ Channer have now won three consecutive weeks and have drawn a ton of attention for the feat.

Part and parcel to that attention is the inclination to seek out competitive impropriety on behalf of the winning duo. Fans were initially content with complaining that Vikkstar and WarsZ were either benefiting from unimpressive lobbies in the U.K. or had reverse-boosted themselves into easier ones.

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But now a clip is circulating in which a quick Vikkstar flick against a wall is suggested to be an indication of hacking. The clip was initially shared by a Twitter user named “alfie” who asked “What is this?” with a “hacking” hashtag included. 

The presumptive concern Alfie may have here is that Vikkstar’s sudden, precise motion denotes an aim hack attempting to lock onto an enemy hidden behind the wall.

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For controller players, that movement is certainly suspicious. But if you’ve played or even watched any PC FPS gameplay, flicks are entirely standard and don’t engender any second thoughts—even when they are randomly directed toward scouting enemies.

Unsurprisingly, when asked if he had ever played an FPS on PC in the replies, Alfie responded “No, I haven’t.”

In order to clear his name, Vikkstar provided a simple clarification for why he flicked to the side of a wall: “Everyone keeps tweeting me this…I was scanning for the rest of the enemy squad on the left, while ADS’d so I had magnified vision.”

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If you want to put an asterisk on Vikkstar’s victories because he plays in England or because you believe PC players should not be placed in lobbies with console players, that’s your business. 

But moving a mouse is Vikkstar’s business and, before you accuse him of hacking, maybe check if that’s just him going to work first.