How to watch Team Diverge 50k Warzone tournament: stream, schedule, teams

warzone charity event td gamingTeam Diverge

NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Team Diverge are hosting a $50,000 Warzone charity event that’ll invite 35 teams to compete over the lion’s share of the pool, and here’s everything you need to know to follow along with the action.

The new org has been steadily expanding since launching in October 2020, and are now going to put together a massive event to bring some of Warzone’s biggest personalities together on Verdansk.

The 35 team captains have accepted their invitations for the event and are getting ready to face off in the Call of Duty battle royale, and there’s going to be plenty of ways to tune into the games as they unfold.

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Take a look below to get a rundown of the streams, schedule and teams for the 50k Warzone event sponsored by the JuJu Foundation.

TD $50k Warzone stream

As with many battle royale events, there’s going to be literally dozens of ways to keep up with the action. From TD’s Twitch channel to the individual streamers that are going to be playing with their own stream.

While you can follow along with your favorite personality, we’ve embedded the host’s channel below for your convenience.

Team Diverge Warzone Charity time and date

The game is going to be taking place throughout Monday 20, 2021, and players are expected to start dropping into Warzone later in the afternoon.

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Though there’s little details on the format, teams are getting set to take the field at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST / 1 AM BST.

TD Warzone 50k format

With every battle royale, teams are going to be scrambling to find every kill and win to grow their scores.

Team Diverge’s charity event is going to take place over five games with teams having to perform across the day’s matches to finish near the top of the leaderboards.

team diverge warzone charity tournament

TD $50k Warzone teams & players

The game is going to be packed with players gunning for the top spot with 35 teams made up of four players each. Well-known streamers, pros, and personalities are going to converge onto the battlefield for the TD Trails.

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A complete roster with all the teams will be filled out as the squads are announced but we already have a good look at some of the people participating including all of the team captains.

Captains Teams
Huskers DougisRaw TylerTeeP AverageJoeWo
Frozone aHTracTXII Colorss95 SuperEvan
FaZe Temper yungstaz gangstaz sturzahh
Vauxie Headaches Hala Danarchyz
Avxry Eggsoff Crm FaZe Testy
AJ Dillon Naz The Don Padahwon
Smitty Barstool MRags BobbyPoff realskullface49
RealDockery RmRated Royalize ClutchBelk
100T Tommey Almond Newbz Aydan
FaZe Orba itsjossha jawhnnn ICEEEvr
Fredobang Super Cool Guy Tridon Dozermayne
FaZe Bloo x2Pac_ThuGLorD Flxnked xfukluvely
XSET JaredFPS Intechs Booth IkesNasty
HollyLive SupAustyn JerkyTV x
KRNG Oceane Akyeret FadedInvaded EvolveJake
THINND Jwikle WcWillow MrGaming
LilRushGee Tae3min Venom x
Steelcurtain NotCoza Citizen_Snipes BryanG_TV
Aloha Phetti DeNiro Orbedz
LEGIQN Sloppy_harry mdraft_ parad12e
WarsZ Jukeyz Fifakill LenunLH
Angelwalks Sperios_OG ScummN sirciz
Butterr hollywoodz jimthegreattv nakmauynick
Gorboob GorgoKnight UmbrellaBW METZY_B
Adrian Colbert TheMylesLive Galvanxze Stukawaki
Cxrupttv sebasberon1 TheeScanman x
Gigxrr devvegodd artyom Krystalize
ALBlades Jr BasedGodXenoN_ Ottereyes_ Mayappo_
MabFour Silvaadude xAJ74u_ JSTNxS
SSebi Robstar33 ControlDec avWiz7
DJmas 99porky tranceMB inf4nitiz
OpMarked devious shadedstep yeet
AngellAT kayainsco C9EmZ AshleighhSR
Brittney Raines senseiswishem jamiiegirl ismixie
ModernWarzone Drakota TV Epicplays studlie