Nadeshot Expresses Concern About New 100 Thieves CoD Pro ‘Fero’ and His Drive to Win

100 Thieves CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has made it clear that he desires immediate success in competitive Call of Duty, and he wants his new pro players to be on the same page.

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With the CoD: Black Ops 4 ‘Blackout’ Private Beta currently live, Nadeshot was trying to get some battle royale action with Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez, who was one of the first additions to 100 Thieves’ new CoD team.

However, Fero expressed his desire to play another BR game – Fortnite, which clearly disappointed his CEO, who wants his players to focus on CoD as much as possible. 

“Alright bro. You’re really getting on Fort? You’re a fucking geek dude. I’m not taking it back, it’s Call of Duty battle royale! This is the game that you’re supposed to be pro on. You gotta want it bro!”

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The conversation quickly shifted to Nadeshot waxing philosophically about the importance of having a drive to win. 

Although he was never been considered to be the best Call of Duty pro in his day, no one has ever denied or questioned Nadeshot’s tenacity and passion for success, which has now carried over into his role as a leader of an esports organization. 

“I want it more than you, and I ain’t even playing no more bro, I want it bad. I want it more than I want to breathe. Yeah man, that’s the type of attitude you gotta have, you gotta approach this shit with. But hey man, we’re not all built the same, ya know? It is what it is. I just want it more than others man, and that’s what success leads to.”

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The disappointment in Nadeshot’s voice and face is hard to miss, which shows that, by his standards, the team may not be yet ready mentally to face the upcoming competitive season.

However, being familiar with Nadeshot’s excellent leadership qualities, 100 Thieves fans can rest assured knowing that their CEO will have the players in the right mindset once Black Ops 4 releases in October.