How to decrypt the Floppy Disk in Black Ops Cold War

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floppy disk cold war

In the campaign mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there are optional side missions that require you to complete specific tasks if you wish to unlock them. To unlock “Operation Chaos”, you’ll first have to know how to decrypt the Floppy Disk.

Assuming you’ve managed to obtain all three evidence pieces in the game, the next step to complete this side mission requires you to examine evidence to gain the Floppy Disk passcodes.

For players who may be wondering how to decrypt the Floppy Disk, we’ve got you covered with all the steps you need to know.

Floppy disk Cold War
Decrypting the Floppy Disk is the last step of the ‘Operation Chaos’ side mission.

How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk in Black Ops Cold War

Decrypting the Floppy Disk in Black Ops Cold War is pretty straight-forward. The process is as follows:

  1. In the Operation Chaos menu, select “Decrypt Floppy Disk”
  2. Enter the 4-digit passcode
  3. Then, enter the city name passcode.

However, to acquire these passcodes, you’ll have to complete a series of puzzles.

Now, let’s show you how to get them.

How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk and solve the Operation Chaos puzzle

Once you’ve collected all three pieces of evidence in the main story, the next step is going to the Operation Chaos mission board to inspect each piece of evidence.

Keep in mind that the clues and answers to this puzzle are completely random and vary from player to player. As such, we will be unable to provide the passcodes for your specific puzzle. However, we can help you understand how these puzzles work and give you the information necessary to solve them.

1. Front page of the Observer

This piece of evidence can be found in the mission “Redlight, Greenlight”.

Being one of the more straightforward puzzles to decode, all you are required to do is pick out the letters in red to reveal your first code.

In the example below, by observing the red letters the code would be ‘OSNOUHT’.

front page of the observer
Search for the letters in red to solve this puzzle.

2. A Coded Message

This piece of evidence can be found in the mission “Nowhere Left to Run”.

“A Coded Message” involves a row of numbers, with two cells containing question marks. Your job is to spot the pattern/sequence of the red and blue numbers, then decipher what the missing numbers are.

In the example below, by working out the sequencing, the missing red number would be 28 and the missing blue number would be 22.

a coded messgae
Discover the pattern between the red and blue numbers to find the missing digits.

3. Numbers Station Broadcast

This piece of evidence can be found in the mission “Brick in the Wall”.

In order to solve this, you’ll have to refer to the first two puzzles — “Front page of the Observer” and “A Coded Message”.

Firstly, take the red letters found on Front Page of the Observer and unscramble them to reveal a city name. The 4-digit code associated with that city will be the first code you have to enter when decrypting the Floppy Disk.

Secondly, take the missing red and blue numbers from “A Coded Message” and put them together. The city that is associated with this number will be your second code.

black ops cold war numbers station broadcast

And that’s it! Simply select “Decrypt Floppy Disk” in the menu and enter the 4-digit passcode as well as the city name to unlock the Operation Chaos side-mission.

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