New FaZe CoD pro Zer0 wants to blacklist OpTic Gaming for “wasting his time”

Zer0 - Twitter / Xobe - Twitter

FaZe Clan‘s new professional Call of Duty professional player Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris has been fed up with OpTic Gaming, calling for the Green Wall to get blacklisted from scrims ahead of the CWL London major tournament. 

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After what was a tumultuous period of a few weeks for Zer0, he and his former Red Reserve teammates finally found a way out of their predicament, splitting up to join FaZe and Denial Esports.

Zer0 and Skrapz were picked up by FaZe to join ZooMaa, Cellium, and Asim on their new roster after they had purchased a spot in the CWL Pro League from Red Reserve.

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Zer0 calls for OpTic to get blacklisted

Wanting to build as much chemistry with his new team before the upcoming CWL London, Zer0 expressed his frustrations on Twitter with OpTic’s scrim schedule after they had apparently failed to show up on time.

“OpTic Gaming, aka The Greenwall, has wasted my time three times in the past four days,” he tweeted. “Are we allowed to blacklist them?”

Zer0 - Twitter500

By suggesting to blacklist OpTic, Zer0 means to essentially have every CWL Pro League team refuse to scrim against OpTic as a way of punishing them for their scrim schedule.

Unfortunately for Zer0, it’s highly unlikely for that to happen, considering OpTic are one of the best teams in the league and offer a good source for practice when other teams to play against them. 

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DexertoCWL Vegas champs OpTic Gaming are one of the best teams in the league, but their scrim schedule habits have come into question.

Just one instance in a larger mess

Zer0’s frustrations with another team’s scrimming habits is not an isolated case; over the past few days, there have been numerous complaints on Twitter about teams not being ready for scrims on time.

One of those teams has been Midnight Esports, as their players has been accused of sleeping through the scheduled start time from scrims. 

In fact, even Midnight player Parasite himself tweeted about it on April 22, which is definitely not a good sign heading into a major tournament.

OpTic accused again of poor scrim habits

This is not the first time that OpTic Gaming have been publicly accused of wasting time and not showing up to scrims on schedule. 

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Several weeks ago, after CWL Fort Worth, 100 Thieves’ Enable called out the OpTic players for failing to show up on time for scrims in their own pre-LAN bootcamp.

At the time, Crimsix shot down Enable’s accusations, maintaining that he and his teammates never showed up late, claims which 100T’s CEO Nadeshot has called “blatant lies.”

While we may never know who was lying and who wasn’t in that situation, the fact that OpTic’s scrim habits have come into question again is concerning.