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Call of Duty

Fan concept for Blackout would make picking up the right perks easier

Published: 17/Oct/2018 12:20 Updated: 17/Oct/2018 12:44

by Calum Patterson


A creative fan has designed a very simple solution to the problem of identifying perks in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode, which currently can be somewhat tricky.

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Perks are extremely useful in Blackout – check out our full guide for details of every one – and are not to be missed in your load out if you want to win consistently.

However, you will sometimes find yourself in a pinch, with little time to casually loot items on the ground, which is why having all perks the same shade of dark green can be cumbersome.

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It often requires a moment to read the name of the perk or recognize its logo, before you can decide whether it’s the one you want, or a waste of an inventory slot.

As far back as the Blackout beta, players were suggesting that a color coded system of some kind would be a straight forward solution to this, but Treyarch didn’t acknowledge these suggestions, and when the full release came, all perks were still a dark green/grey.

Reddit user u/Logjamz has done a mock up version of what color coded perks would look like, which would certainly make them a lot more instantly recognizable.


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There seemed to be reluctance from Treyarch to introduce this system, perhaps wanting to avoid drawing too close comparisons to rival BR game Fortnite, which color codes all its lootable items.

However, there is no doubt that something could certainly be done to improve the visualization of perks, avoiding putting yourself at risk while you run over to check and read every perk.

A color system would allow players to spot the perks they want or don’t want from a distance, but it is possible that Treyarch wants players to feel pressured when looting.