DirK Announces an Update on His Future With the CWL Commentary Team and Competitive Call of Duty

Calum Patterson

Jamie ‘DirK’ Ruiz announced an update on his future with the CWL Commentary team after receiving an offer from the NBA 2K League.

Although the competitive Call of Duty scene is primarily dominated by the players in terms of popularity, commentators and casters have gained a substantial following of supporters for their dedication to the scene.

While some fans may watch matches strictly for high-tier gameplay, others understand the value that certain commentators bring to the table, which allows for a new feel to the broadcast.

Over the course of five years of involvement throughout the competitive Call of Duty community, Dirk began to gain notoriety by being present at a collection of high-profile LAN events, along with creating content outside of the game.

However, even after he originally announced that he would be sticking with the CWL for the remainder of the 2018 season, Dirk revealed that he will no longer be working with Activision and MLG due to personal reasons, and will be with the NBA 2K League moving forward.

His full statement from the CoDCompetitive subreddit page can be viewed below.

Just an Update

Hey guys, I just wanted to give an update on my future with Call of Duty as a whole. As some of you may know, I’ve been doing lots of work with the NBA 2K League over the past couple of months. I had to make a big decision, not only thinking of myself, but my girlfriend and family back home. I have some personal issues that have impacted this that I don’t feel comfortable sharing. I requested to Activision MLG to be released from my contract to allow me to pursue the offer the NBA 2K League brought to the table.

I have nothing but the up most for every single person that I’ve worked with at MLG. From the broadcast staff, down to the amazing talent that have helped me grow into the commentator I have over the past five years. Call of Duty is where I started, and it was so hard to make this choice.

Thank you guys for everything you’ve done to support me, I’ll still be around on the Reddit being active, and destroying Cam in 8’s.

Bravo Caster Dirk, out.

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