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Call of Duty dev David Vonderhaar teases YouTube collab with OpTic H3CZ

Published: 24/Aug/2019 12:56 Updated: 24/Aug/2019 16:21

by Joe Craven


Black Ops 4 dev and Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar has teased a meeting with Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, following a number of cryptic tweets from the game developer

David Vonderhaar has long been the CoD community’s port of call regarding inquiries surrounding Treyarch titles, often perceived as a de facto community manager. 

However, he had large portions of the community baffled on August 19, after posting a number of cryptic tweets that almost appeared to suggest he had been dismissed by Activision. No official confirmation of this has been released by any party involved.

Twitter: David VonderhaarThe Treyarch dev’s tweets have left everyone scratching their heads.

Speculation surrounding his dismissal from Treyarch stemmed from his tweet which stated he has been asked to “disconnect” from Call of Duty. He then launched into a scathing assessment of US President Donald Trump, before temporarily disabling his Twitter account. 

On August 23, Vonderhaar suggested he could meet OpTic Gaming CEO and founder H3CZ. “Is it worth a lot of subs and views if I fly to Texas and we go fishing?” Vonderhaar asked. “I don’t mind making an ass out of myself for the greater good of this world. Someone must.”

After H3CZ responded encouraging the dev to fly to Texas, Vonderhaar tweeted that he’d “be right there”, before drafting a mock introduction he would use in a H3CZ vlog or interview.

His mock introduction reads: “”Hi everyone. I’m David Vonderhaar. I _____ video games and put them on the Internet. Today we are going fishin’ my friend Hector. You may know him has OpTic H3CZ. He used to be relevant just like me.””

While the two may unite for one of H3CZ’s vlogs, many fans would be more intrigued in an appearance on the OpTic CEO’s Eavesdrop Podcast.

YouTube: H3CZVonderhaar appeared on the Eavesdrop Podcast back in September, prior to Black Ops 4’s release.

The Eavesdrop Podcast has been incredibly popular since it was launched by H3CZ back in late 2018. Vonderhaar has already featured in an episode, back in September. 

However, the developer’s cryptic tweets have left everyone stumped, and another appearance on the podcast would certainly help to lift the confusion surrounding Vonderhaar’s current position with regards to Call of Duty. 

UPDATE – August 24 09:15am PST

Despite fans clearly wanting an explanation for his mysterious tweets, Vonderhaar has since clarified that he was “just joking about” and simply wants to go fishing with an old friend.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like H3CZ and Vonderhaar will be meeting for another eavesdrop, but may collaborate on a simple fishing trip instead.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.

Call of Duty

Clayster addresses “hate” over Black Ops Cold War’s Control mode

Published: 30/Nov/2020 3:18

by Brad Norton


Black Ops Cold War’s Control game mode has come under fire lately but 2020 Call of Duty League champion James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has explained why the “hate” is overblown.

Each and every year in competitive CoD there are three modes in rotation. Both Hardpoint and Search and Destroy are often staples with each annual release. However, the third mode is usually in rotation depending on what’s available. The 2019 season saw Domination make a return, for instance.

This time around, Control is that third key playlist. This means all pro competitions throughout the upcoming season will feature the mode across an assortment of maps. It’s just the second time in CoD history that Control has appeared after its introduction in 2018’s Black Ops 4.

While it was received well throughout its initial run, leading to some of the most exciting moments of the year, it’s relaunch in Cold War hasn’t been received quite as well. After a few days of backlash on social media, Clayster has explained why the “hate” isn’t justified.

Black Ops 4 gameplay
Control first appeared in Black Ops 4, and now it’s back in Cold War.

Now that the community is settling into Treyarch’s new release, a proper meta has started to emerge. Assault Rifles outright dominate the game in its current form. As a result, Control can be challenging and players have been quick to voice their frustrations.

“If there is no way to fix how hard it is to win Offenses, why wouldn’t a game mode like demolition or CTF be a possibility for mode three?” Reddit user ‘jaydubb2’ questioned. With so many ARs set up on Defense, it can be extremely tough to break into capture points on Offense.

However, Clayster believes the “hate” for the mode is a bit too much. Rather than complaining, players should instead “figure out how to win Offense,” he stressed. “Not just say it’s chalked, Defense wins. There are methods.”

If these issues are patched over time, with spawns being dialed in and the capture time adjusted, Control could be back to the explosive mode it was in Black Ops 4. “Control I feel like is a competitive game-mode from the core up,” Clayster added.

The mode isn’t perfect in its current state, but with a few simple tweaks, it could be better than ever, according to the three-time world champion. “Honestly, there’s a couple Narnia spawns that will be (hopefully) cleaned up and with 45s capture time, offense becomes much easier.” 

Early impressions have clearly been negative towards the mode. However, there’s still plenty of time for things to change ahead of the CDL 2021 season.