CompLexity’s Censor Explains Why He Rage Quit Against OpTic Gaming at CWL Anaheim

YouTube/FaZe Censor

After a recent episode of Vision was uploaded documenting OpTic’s run at CWL Anaheim, it raised questions after showing a behind the scenes moment where Doug “Censor” Martin appeared to rage quit after losing the series.

And not only did he rage quit, he also walked away quickly refusing to shake the hands of the OpTic players which is typically seen as a significant sign of disrespect following a series.

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As Censor explains, CompLexity badly needed to win the match in order to have a chance to qualify in the top two spots in their group and advance to the winners bracket.

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The two teams were tied at the break after the first two maps, and upon returning to the the side station to resume, a technical difficulty became apparent to Censor and his teammates.

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Censor has explained in his video addressing the situation that Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic’s mic was not working properly, meaning none of his teammates could hear his communication in the crucial match.

The issue was noticed early in the map according to Censor, and he claims to have immediately notified the ref, but was told to play on regardless.

“The ref said, ‘game goes on, keep playing’. So, I don’t understand, I’ve never been in this situation before, keep that in mind. But I was like, ‘I just don’t understand, we can’t hear our teammate, the map literally just started, nothing has happened yet.’

The ref just isn’t talking to us, like we weren’t getting any communication back. So I’m like ‘listen, I don’t know what to do but we can’t hear our teammate right now, what are we supposed to do?’ And he just kept looking over at us, looking kind of confused.”

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Unsurprisingly, OpTic quickly took the lead by capturing a flag, and at this point Censor explains he was infuriated with the ref’s lack of intervention.

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“OpTic Gaming scored a flag because we weren’t playing the game, I got so angry because nothing was going on. I couldn’t get any communication from the ref. So I just said, ‘guys, leave the game right now. We’re ending this game.’ 

So my whole team leaves the game. It turns out it’s against the rules to leave the match and it’s automatically a forfeit. I should have known this, I should’ve read the handbook, like I said I made a mistake. […] We were so infuriated.

We ended up losing map four, we were extremely upset. I didn’t know how to handle it and unfortunately I handled it in a negative way. That’s my fault, that’s my mistake and I apologize for that. It wasn’t OpTic Gaming’s fault, they had nothing to do with it. They said they would have been down to do a replay.”

You can watch the full video from Censor explaining the situation in more detail below.