CompLexity’s Censor Believes Black Ops 4 Will be The ‘Saving Grace’ for Call of Duty

CompLexity Gaming player Doug “Censor” Martin had a chance to get hands on time with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 courtesy of Activision, and has some very positive things to say about the upcoming game.

Many fans of the Call of Duty series are looking to the next instalment in the Black Ops series to live up to the hype generated by what is the most successful sub-franchise in the series, but doubts always begin to creep in with the uncertainty of the next game.

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A vocal majority of Call of Duty fans were unhappy with the futuristic setting of 2016’s Infinite Warfare, something Activision itself has recognized, with the next title taking CoD back to the 1940’s.

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However, while fans got their wishes for a ‘boots on the ground game’ and a classic setting, some were left uninspired by CoD: WWII, perhaps feeling it was a little too stripped back.

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Censor recognizes this, and reckons that Black Ops 4 will be the “saving grace” of the Call of Duty series, as it faces increasing competition from other popular titles, particularly on console.

“I think Black Ops 4 will be the saving grace for Call of Duty. I know we say this almost every single year, but all the Black Ops games have such a good history. Black Ops 1 was amazing, Black Ops II was one of the best Call of Duty’s and I loved Black Ops III, I thought it was a really fun game.

Black Ops 4 has to be good. There’s no way they make three games before this one and then the fourth one is not good.”

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Censor also acknowledges that while the community was very excited for CoD: WWII, many were disappointed with the final release, especially after a patchy launch period. But he believes Black Ops 4 will live up to the hype.

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“I know a lot of you guys aren’t really the biggest fans of WWII, and I totally get that. But I hope Black Ops 4 is going to be good. I made a lot of Call of Duty videos on Black Ops III, and I think Black Ops 4 will live up the hype. I think it’s going to be a really fun game and really hope that you guys can give it a chance.”

You can watch Censor’s full video, including footage from the Black Ops 4 map frequency, where he discusses what he thinks Treyarch need to get right.