CoD Vanguard players already want “annoying” Field Upgrade removed

cod vanguard hotel royal gunfightActivision

The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta has finished, with the launch just weeks away, but players are already calling for one major Field Upgrade to be removed.

Field Upgrades were first introduced to Call of Duty with Modern Warfare 2019. Perhaps the most divisive of the Field Upgrades was Dead Silence, which was more commonly a perk in previous iterations.

Those Field Upgrades were also mimicked in Warzone, and with Vanguard’s use of the MW engine and a more robust experience between all CoD games expected, they once again arrive in Vanguard.

Regardless of where you stand on Field Upgrades in general, there’s one that many players are getting increasingly frustrated by.

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Vanguard Patrol game modeActivision
Vanguard will feature Field Upgrades once again.

While Dead Silence has perhaps caused the most debate among CoD players, Armor has been one that many players simply aren’t happy with in any capacity.

The Armor Field Upgrade has long been a source of frustration for Call of Duty players, with Warzone’s Armor Plates making their way into the regular multiplayer modes. This isn’t new to Vanguard, with 2020 iteration Black Ops Cold War also featuring an Armor Field Upgrade.

Some players had hoped that would be it, though, and are now venting their frustrations. For example, vol4lyfe123 received a lot of support on Reddit when explaining why Armor has no place in multiplayer.

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Saying that the Field Upgrade creates inconsistent gunfights, a number of players responded calling it “ridiculous” that the “extremely annoying” feature remains in the game.

Some players, on the other hand, don’t want them removed, but want changes at least. Ulv on Twitter is one of these people, saying that the Field Upgrade needs a longer recharge rate, forcing players to use them more “wisely.”

The beta is the perfect time for both players and devs to test out almost everything about the game, so we may yet see some major changes. Whether this includes a complete removal or overhaul of Armor remains to be seen.

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