eUnited’s Clayster hits out at ‘toxic’ fans at CWL Finals after OpTic and 100T exit

Professional Call of Duty player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has hit out at fans, even of his own team, who were apparently being toxic at the CWL Finals in Miami.

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The opening days of CWL Finals has been a wild one, with tournament favorites such as OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves eliminated on day two.

However, some fans of the remaining teams in the tournament seemed to get a bit too excited seeing the likes of OpTic and 100 Thieves struggle, prompting Clayster to post about the “toxic fans” at the event, and online.

The eUnited star was not impressed with some of the fans’ behavior towards other teams.
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After becoming aware of some eU fans being toxic towards other teams, Clayster quickly responded expressing to his fans to show a little more class towards some of the players who provide entertainment for the fans.

The Call of Duty veteran stated that he didn’t want any viewers who were toxic to other teams as eUnited fans and called for fans to have more respect, “Win and lose with class y’all, no need to kick others while they’re down.”

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The 2015 World Championship MVP followed up by explaining how much professional CoD players invest into competing for fans at the CWL events, “Y’all really don’t understand how much passion and energy all of us pros put into this. It’s our life, our validation and our success.

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He also called for competitive Call of Duty fans not to generalize or blame other fans, claiming that there will always be a minority of “toxic assholes” who follow the esport.

“There’s always going to be toxic assholes, even if they’re in the minority” Clayster explained, adding, “we’re not some faceless professional athletes, we personally handle our social media.”

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Clayster finished by admitting some of his own mistakes such as getting caught up in the hype and being toxic himself in the past, expressing, “I’ve been toxic, i’m sure there will be toxic moments in the future. All you can do is acknowledge mistakes and try to build and grow from them.”

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Although Clayster has had his share of controversial moments in the past many fans resonated with the words of the veteran ahead of the final day of the CWL Finals.

He and eUnited are set to compete in the winner’s bracket finals against FaZe Clan which already guarantees them a Top 3 finish at the CWL Finals regardless of the result.

As of July 21, it has been over 1400 days since Clayster last found himself raising a major event trophy at Advanced Warfare Season 3 Playoffs.

Although the eUnited star now finds himself with a perfect opportunity to break that streak as he takes on his former organization FaZe Clan in the Winner’s Finals later on July 21.

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