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Call of Duty

Clayster has hilarious response to criticism about his CWL celebrations

Published: 22/Feb/2019 14:00 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 15:35

by Matt Porter


James ‘Call of Duty matches, and the eUnited star gave fans a hilarious response to criticism regarding his exuberant post-match reactions at the CWL Pro League.

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eUnited have finished their first week of CWL Pro League action, finishing with an impressive 3-1 record, including some major victories over tough opposition in the process.

Following a hard-fought win over Excelerate Gaming on Wednesday, February 20, Eubanks gave a roar of delight and began shouting across the stage at the Excelerate players, prompting some to say that Clayster should be more humble in victory.

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The Call of Duty star was unimpressed by those criticizing his actions, posting on Twitter that he had never gotten upset at another team for celebrating, and calling out those who were unhappy with his actions.


“Laughing at people getting butthurt over me being excited after a tight win,” wrote Eubanks. “I’m not screaming for empty chairs, I’m getting hyped for everyone watching at home.”

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Following eUnited’s incredible victory over 100 Thieves on February 21, Clayster chose to refrain from his usual raucous celebration, instead deciding to remain calm.

As the camera panned across eUnited, Clayster was shown standing perfectly still, with both of his thumbs up, but no expression on his face, much to the delight of his supporters who immediately began posting about it on Reddit with glee.

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Eubanks also went to Reddit to comment on his muted celebration, sarcastically commenting: “Sorry guys, I’ll try and be less excited next time. “

Division B of the CWL Pro League continues next week, with Clayster and his eUnited teammates scheduled to face off against Denial Esports on Tuesday, February 26.