Clayster addresses turmoil with JKap and eUnited’s recent roster change

eUnited professional Call of Duty player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has released a video addressing the controversy surrounding his relationship with teammate Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan, as well as the team’s recent roster change. 

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A day after being on the receiving end of some serious insults from JKap on Twitter, Clayster took to YouTube to give his side of the story and express his perspective.

In that Twitter engagement, Clay fired back with some shots of his own towards the 2015 and 2016 World Champion. 

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In his video, the eUnited star explained that he has been working on keeping his composure, but also because he felt that he had done nothing wrong to deserve such personal attacks. 

“I’m not sure why he’s resorted to taking personal attacks at me, when publicly I haven’t said anything about him negatively,” he said. “I haven’t said he was the reason I was going to get dropped. I haven’t said he wasn’t performing. It’s been broad general strokes about the whole team.”

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eUnited/TwitterClayster is not exactly clear on why JKap has chosen to personally attack him after being dropped from the main squad.
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The Twitter spat between the veterans on March 21 saw JKap accuse Clayster of being arrogant and self-centered, to which Clay responded directly. 

“I don’t understand why you joined the team in the first place if you felt that way,” he said. “I hope I can change your mind at some point, but in reality, I don’t really care. You can think what you want to think.”

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Contrary to JKap’s claims that not a lot of Clayster’s teammates enjoyed working with him since the days of Advanced Warfare, the latter revealed that there had only been previous issues with Enable and Prestinni – which is a much smaller proportion than suggested. 

ZimbioClayster refuted JKap’s claims that a lot of his teammates since Advanced Warfare did not enjoy teaming with him.
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Clayster ended things by clearing the air, suggesting that he does not have any spite for JKap – despite their clash.

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“I don’t have anything against JKap, I really don’t,” he said. “He doesn’t like me, that’s cool, I guess we’re not friends anymore. But I don’t hate him, I don’t despise him, I wasn’t trying to get him dropped on his neck. I wasn’t sitting there scheming behind his back, I didn’t do any of that.”

MLGFormer eUnited Cadet and sub Simp will be joining the main squad for next week’s CWL Pro League matches.

As for eUnited’s recent roster change, which saw substitute Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr promoted to the starting lineup in place of JKap, Clayster shared his thoughts at having the electrifying up-and-comer join the main team and also revealed the players’ new roles going back into the CWL Pro League.

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“Really excited to have Simp on the squad, and really excited to see what he and aBeZy could do with their submachine guns,” he explained. “Going to move Prestinni move to the Maddox with me and have Alex stay on the ICR.”

With the cross-divisional phase of the CWL Pro League set to kick off, eUnited will be returning to action on March 25 and have matches lined up against Evil Geniuses, UYU, Luminosity Gaming, and Red Reserve. 

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