Black Ops Cold War Zombies will support crossplay in Call of Duty first

Isaac McIntyre

[jwplayer 784yWQ19]Black Ops Cold War Zombies will officially support crossplay “across all platforms and generations,” a franchise first for the Call of Duty game mode, developers Treyarch confirmed amid their full Zombies reveal on Sep. 30.

Call of Duty crossplay has been part of the franchise since the launch of Modern Warfare late in 2019, but Zombies has never had the connection feature added to its co-op modes.

All that is set to change when Black Ops Cold War is released in mid-November: Treyarch has unveiled plans to link every console capable of playing the returning Zombies mode, including the current console generation, and the next. 

“Squads in Zombies can be formed across all possible platforms and generations, marking the first time in Call of Duty franchise history this co-op mode is available via crossplay,” Treyarch announced on Sep. 30 alongside the official trailer.

“This is the most connected and robust Zombies experience in history. It delivers a first for Call of Duty Zombies: the full crossplay experience.”

This includes, Dexerto has confirmed, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Zombies is undergoing some pretty major changes in Black Ops Cold War.
Zombies is undergoing some pretty major changes in Black Ops Cold War.

The Zombies crossplay reveal comes bundled with Treyarch’s confirmation Cold War will feature a unified progression system across all co-op modes and multiplayer.

This means Call of Duty players will share one level across both Cold War’s online multiplayer, and the returning Zombies mode. Experience earned in Zombies matches will go towards each season’s Battle Pass rewards system.

Black Ops Cold War is also adding new Zombies maps to the franchise.

This includes a new base map, Die Maschine, which includes new references to old Zombies maps like Nacht der Untoten from World at War. Treyarch also revealed more maps would be added as part of their “free post-launch content” plans.

The related segment begins at 8:07 in Treyarch’s video below.

Cold War is set to up the ante all over again Zombies story-wise this year too. The returning co-op mode will see Call of Duty players take control of a new “Requiem” team, led by Grigori Weaver from the original Black Ops campaign.

In the story, Requiem will be tasked with investigating an old World War II bunker, filled with “decades-old secrets.” These will, of course, be the iconic Nazi Zombies, back to terrorize the Call of Duty franchise in a new Black Ops era.

Black Ops Cold War, including Zombies, will be released on Friday, Nov. 13.