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Origin 12 shotgun and C4 finally nerfed in Warzone Season 6 update

Published: 29/Sep/2020 5:08

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s Season 6 update is finally upon us and while new content is in the spotlight, Infinity Ward has taken the opportunity to scale back two of the most powerful weapons: the Origin 12 shotgun and C4.

A handful of weapons have dominated the Call of Duty Battle royale for a number of months now. While a few Assault Rifles top the pack and niche picks can still be viable, there’s no denying that the Origin 12 shotgun was among the most powerful guns in the game for a good while.


In any close-quarters fight, you could expect to see multiple Origins running rampant and knocking teams down in the blink of an eye. It was without a doubt the frontrunner when it came to Shotguns. Similarly, C4 was the go-to piece of lethal equipment for practically every loadout in Warzone. However, this might all be changing as a result of the Season 6 update.

Both the Origin 12 and C4 have been hit with nerfs in the latest patch notes. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes.

Warzone Season 6
Infinity Ward
Warzone Season 6 introduces a ton of new content, but these nerfs may be the most important changes.

Origin 12 shotgun nerfed in Warzone Season 6

Very few weapons were adjusted in the Season 6 patch notes on September 28. However, the Origin 12 is one that actually made the cut. Infinity Ward addressed the controversial weapon by reducing its damage from a “very close” range.


Unfortunately, no exact numbers were provided. We have no way of telling what defines ‘very close’ and no way of determining just how severe the reduction in damage truly is. Though after weeks of being the most dominant shotgun in the game, any nerf is sure to be welcomed by the community.

On top of this change, other shotguns were buffed slightly. Slugs now have increased damage, meaning shotguns like the R9-0 could soon move into the spotlight.

C4 nerfed in Warzone Season 6

Warzone C4
Infinity Ward
C4 was scaled back a notch thanks to the Season 6 update.

It may have taken a few months for C4 to be addressed in any way, but the Season 6 nerfs finally scaled back the explosive power. Rather than just outright reducing damage, C4 has been tweaked in a number of unique ways.


There is now a “slight delay when performing a quick detonation” with the lethal equipment. No longer will players be able to spam them out and instantly blow up opposing players or vehicles. On top of this, your enemies will also have a small window to react now thanks to a new beeping audio cue that plays when C4 is about to go off.

Last but not least, you’ll need to be closer than ever to your targets. C4 could be launched a great distance in previous seasons though that’s not the case moving forward. Initial throw velocity has dropped by 30% in the Season 6 update.


Warzone vehicle gameplay
Infinity Ward
C4 should be far less of an issue when riding around Verdansk in a grounded vehicle.

Those are two of the biggest changes in the latest Warzone update, though there’s plenty more to take in. Be sure to catch up on the full Season 6 patch notes before dropping into your first game.