Censor roasts CDL over “super disappointing” Challengers Champs announcement

Doug 'Censor' Martin of CDL Challengers team Into The BreachCall of Duty League/YouTube: Censor

No player has been more critical of the Call of Duty Leauge’s decision to change Challengers Champs to an eight team playoff event than Doug ‘Censor’ Martin. While he initially pushed for change, the former FaZe Clan star has now turned to ridiculing the league, instead. 

Censor hasn’t been shy at all about voicing his displeasure with the Call of Duty League after June 16’s announcement that only eight teams from around the world would be getting a chance to participate in the $250,000 climactic event.

Shortly after that went live, Martin (and more than a thousand others) started a petition to have the rules adjusted to account for a wider playing field, particularly for the massively-talented North American region.

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After a week without response from the League, the current Boston Breach Brand Ambassador has decided to air his frustrations out a little more informally.

Censor takes aim at CDL over Challengers Champs decision making

In his new video, Martin specifically targets General Manager Daniel Tsay and Player Relations head Spencer Peterson for allowing this kind of change to be made.

The former National Champion points out how the Toronto Challengers event earlier this year — which featured many of the same international teams that could auto qualify for the final event under this new ruleset — saw exclusively NA teams finish in the Top 8.

He also discussed how he feels that a lack of qualified talent around the world means that the CDL’s efforts to represent other regions ultimately takes a spot from a team with better qualifications.

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“I would bet my house, I would bet my Range Rover, I’d bet any materialistic thing of value that a North American team is going to win it,” he said.

Censor also claims that as a veteran of the community, he’s never seen it in a worse state, and that the people in charge of the CDL are responsible for that.

By the end, the Call of Duty superstar provided some alternatives to the current setting, but ultimately had one main request: “I really hope the League can make an update video and not only change things, but if they can’t change things, at least tell us why…”

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