Streamer Picks Up “At Least 10” Kills With Insane V-1 Rocket Play on Battlefield V

Twitch streamer Hadz decided to test out what the V-1 Rocket in Battlefield V is capable of and the result was nothing short of spectacular!

Numerous Twitch streamers got the chance to test out the Closed Alpha version of Battlefield V, which ended on July 3rd, as part of a partnership with the game’s publisher, EA.

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The game has received criticism from some members of the gaming community due to various historical inaccuracies. but the core gameplay seems to have been relatively well received by the people that have had the chance to play it.

Players have experimented with various weapons and styles of play, and one of the most successful ones so far came when Hadz decided to find out what the V-1 Rocket can do.

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The V-1 Rocket is part of the new Squad Reinforcement system which works like a killstreak, or scorestreak, system for entire squads and rewards teams for playing together.

Unsure of what damage the V-1 Rocket could dish out on a team that was camping in the lower part of one of the maps, Hadz called a strike in and was rewarded with an incredible number of kills:

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Hadz was clearly shocked by the level of destruction from the flying bomb, exclaiming “I can’t tell you how many kills I just got there”.

When pushed for a figure by his teammate, the Twitch streamer simply says “at least 10, at least 10.”

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If the skulls on the screen are to be believed, he actually picked up a total of 12 kills. However, we’re unsure if all eliminations are shown on the screen with such an insane multi-kill, so take that with a pinch of salt!