[LIVE] Top Streamers are Playing Together in Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha Squads – ft. Ninja, Shroud, Dr DisRespect, and More!

Some of the biggest content creators in the online gaming community have gotten together to play the upcoming Battlefield 5 game.

On July 2nd, numerous top streamers went live on with closed Alpha access gameplay, teaming up with and against each other in an event sponsored by developer Electronic Arts (EA).

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Some of the talent on display includes Twitch extraordinaire ‘Ninja,’ Team SoloMid pro Fortnite players ‘Myth’ and “Daequan,’ former CSGO star ‘shroud,’ popular streamers ‘Dr DisRespect, Lirik, Timthetatman,’ and many more.

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With each player streaming on his or her respective Twitch channel, we have embedded several streams below for your convenience. Any of the streams that have not been embedded can still be found on the Battlefield 5 page on Twitch.

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Watch live video from Ninja on www.twitch.tv
Watch live video from shroud on www.twitch.tv
Watch live video from LIRIK on www.twitch.tv
Watch live video from DrDisRespectLIVE on www.twitch.tv[ad name=”article3″]
Watch live video from TSM_Myth on www.twitch.tv
Watch live video from sodapoppin on www.twitch.tv