Dr Disrespect slams Battlefield V Firestorm’s looting system in epic rant

. 3 years ago

Battlefield V’s new battle royale mode, Firestorm, released on March 25, and popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect already has some issues with the new mode.

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Firestorm is the newest mode in Battlefield V from Criterion games and has proved to be pretty popular with players since it’s release.

But some players, like Dr DisRespect, aren’t fans of the unfamiliar UI introduced into the new battle royale mode.

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While playing Firestorm on March 26, Dr Disrespext was attempting to go through a recently eliminated player’s loot when he was unexpectedly attacked by another player.

The streamer apparently picked up the wrong weapon in his haste to loot and get back into the action, which led him to quickly blame Firestorm’s looting system for the mishap.

“Why did I fucking pick up that weapon?” The Doc raged. “Because your looting sucks!”

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“EA! Your game sucks! Who’s the guy that designed [this]?” Dr Disrespect continued on. “A bunch of idiots! Holy shit.”

Later on during the strea,m the Doc took more shots at Firestorm’s UI, which he was clearly getting annoyed with after awhile.

“You give me the budget that EA gave these Dice studios to make this experience,” he claimed. “And I am making an absolutely unbelievable five-year shelf life Triple A experience that would kick this game’s ass.”

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Users on the official Battlefield V Reddit have also complained about the UI and looting system in Firestorm, and Dice has replied that they are working on improving both.

Firestorm hasn’t been out for too long, so Dice and Criterion probably have plenty of improvements and updates in the works, but we don’t know exactly when any of that could be expected, yet.

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