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Why Mozambique is no longer the worst weapon in Apex Legends

Published: 4/Jul/2019 21:17

by Eli Becht


The Mozambique, the weapon everyone used to hate in Apex Legends, has been buffed for Season 2, making it a solid weapon to have in your arsenal.

The Mozambique became such a meme in Apex that the developers patched in an animation that allowed your character to throw down the weapon after you picked it up, showing their disgust with the weak weapon.

While the animation was amusing, it is no longer in the game and for good reason – the Mozambique is a weapon that you can carry in your loadout with pride.

The Mozambique is useful now.

Fans knew a Mozambique buff was coming in Season 2, but there’s no way they could have suspected it had the potential to be this good.


Admittedly the base version of the gun is still pretty bad, but once you pair it with the Hammerpoint Hop-Up, it gains a lot of power and actually becomes a worthy weapon.

EAMany changes came with Season 2.

This hop-up is able to increase its damage to unshielded targets meaning it can shred enemy players at the beginning of a match or it can be used as a finisher weapon.

So while the gun largely relies on the use of an add-on for its effectiveness, it has come a long way.

Reddit user Mimikker showcased the power of the weapon coupled with its Hop-Up and the results were quite devastating. The combination of enemies having no shield and the long range of gun showed how it can find its place in the meta.


Don’t just take our word for it, but instead look at how it performs in action for yourself.

Players will discover this newly useful shotgun will combo extremely well with the Alternator, or any fast firing weapon for that matter.

The Alternator is able to melt the shield off an enemy while the Mozambique can come in for the cleanup to chip away the final bits of health.

One thing’s for certain and it’s that the Mozambique is no longer worthless – go and check it out for yourself in Apex Legends Season 2