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When will I be able to play the old Apex Legends map again?

Published: 28/Nov/2019 23:05 Updated: 28/Nov/2019 23:14

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends now has two different maps in the game with Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, but fans are once again wondering when they will be able to play the first one again.

When Apex Legends first launched, it did so with just one map but soon expanded to a second one. However, unlike PUBG, it doesn’t rotate between the two so the first one is all but lost to the void.

Respawn did bring back the original Kings Canyon for the Shadowfall LTM, but outside of that it’s been pretty much locked away. On November 5, we watched the map turn off and we haven’t heard much about it since.


Respawn Entertainment.When will Kings Canyon return?

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This doesn’t mean it’s gone forever though since the map still has a lot of fans so it’d be a shame to see Respawn keep it out of the players’ hands for long.

Nothing concrete has been given out by Respawn about a potential return, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have clues. This map has already returned once in Season 3 so we can probably rule out another one, but anything can happen.

Apex Legends Season 4 is rumored to begin sometime in February, so we might have to wait for that to happen before we see Kings Canyon again.


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With that said, Apex Legends has held events for major holidays, such as Halloween when we saw the map return, so perhaps the developers have something in store for a potential Christmas event. Again, nothing is confirmed so don’t get your hopes up too high for this happening.

Respawn EntertainmentThe gang is waiting for the return of Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon will always play a big role in Apex Legends since it was the first map and has a vocal group of fans who still like it better than the new one.

Respawn developer Drew McCoy initially explained the reason the map was removed in the first place was so players don’t back out of a match when they don’t get the newer World’s Edge.


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“What we don’t want is for someone to get in on October 1 and be like, ‘Oh, it put me on Kings Canyon, I’m going to back out,’” he said.

At this point, it’s really hard to tell with certainty when this fan-favorite map will return, but we can almost definitely guarantee it will be back eventually. The only question that remains is when that will happen.