What are the new blue supply bins in Apex Legends Season 4?


Eagle-eyed Apex Legends fans have confirmed the appearance of brand-new blue colored supply bins in Season Four, but what they’re doing there remains up in the air. 

The hype towards Apex Legends’ fourth season, named Assimilation, has been building for quite some time. That hype has only grown with the confirmation of what is coming in the new season, with Respawn finally releasing Revenant as a playable legend. 

The new legend isn’t the only thing to be dropping in the major February 4th update. There has been confirmation of some new skins, an all-new sniper rifle, and plenty of map changes to World’s Edge – with the harvester ship that has been lurking in the sky for a few weeks finally descending and taking pride of place on the ground.

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Respawn Entertainment
Revenant will finally be arriving to Apex Legends in season four.

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All these changes were confirmed in the February 3 trailer, yet, eagle-eyed fans who combed through the gameplay video noticed that there was something else lurking amongst the map changes.

That something else is the all-new blue supply bins that were originally teased by Respawn on January 29 when a screenshot about the changes to ranked play went live on their site. 

Similar to that tease, the reveal in the new trailer shows a blue bin lined up next to the original red bins that have been in the game since day one – with only the different colors looking to be the main difference from the outside.

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Though, when it comes to what is inside the bins, players have been expecting these new blue bins to have ‘upgraded’ loot – meaning that you could get improved weapons and items compared to the standard bins.

While this seems like a pretty solid theory, others have been a little more cautious in their expectations. “What if we’re all just overthinking this and they’re just Hammond branded supply bins?” said Redditor IceColdQuantum.

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Of course, Hammond Robotics have played a big role in the lore for season four, being behind the arrival of Revenant and overall changes to the World’s Edge map.

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Yet, we won’t have to wait all that long to have the contents of the blue bins confirmed, with Apex Legends season four, Assimilation, going live on February 4.