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Was a new pistol teased in Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer?

Published: 7/May/2020 1:58

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer officially revealed the next character in the battle royale, but people are wondering if Respawn also gave a sneak peek into a new weapon along with Loba.

In her quest for revenge, the master thief can be seen with a few items that she holds dear, such as her teleporting bracelet, her silver, wolf-headed staff and what looks like a completely different pistol from anything seen before.

It’s this gun that’s making players wonder if the devs will debut the weapon sometime in Season 5, whether as a standalone weapon in the game’s arsenal or a new cosmetic for an established pistol.


Respawn Entertainment
The pistol Loba uses on Revenant’s head has Apex Legends fans wondering if it’ll come to the game in some form for Season 5.

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“I think Loba is holding a new pistol at the end of the trailer,” user ‘AndhereKatil’ said of the trailer. They are only one of many in the community who are wondering if the gun will be incorporated in the upcoming season.

Though the limited screenshots of the weapon don’t paint a clear picture of the entire gun, what can be seen isn’t related to the RE45, P2020, or Wingman.

The evidence is intriguing, but far and away inconclusive, especially since Respawn have given some guns wildly different aesthetics to their base models in the past.


Unexpected70 via AndhereKatil Reddit
The other pistols and how they stack up against Loba’s sidearm in the Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer.

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Another theory is that the gun could be a re-imagining of the Smart Pistol MK5 from the Titanfall universe.

It’s entirely possible that Respawn would give Loba some gear inspired from the larger TF lore, as some suspect is the case with her teleporter.

However, Redditor ‘borisalien’ broke down the stills from the launch trailer and likened the weapon to the Hammond P2011 from Titanfall – but says it’s most likely just an upcoming skin for the P2020.

The post to END the flood of "Mystery Pistol" threads from apexlegends

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“I’m not saying it’s the P2011, I’m saying it’s the P2020 with a different skin,” borisalien said. “I’ve included the P2011 for AESTHETIC reasons to help my case, since people use the recoil spring retention cap to say, ‘Oh, it’s the camera for the Smart Pistol.’  And other differences like the rear sight and also – lack of a ‘meat tenderizer,’ which became a part of the gun series’ design since Titanfall 2. I’m not saying it’ll be added as a separate, new gun, that’s absurd.”


In either case, Respawn are known at this point for stacking every season with fun new items with every chapter and it won’t be long now before Season 5 starts on Tuesday, May 12, when all of the community’s questions will be answered.