Unusual Apex Legends bug gives Octane ‘infinite’ Stim

Octane inside Apex Legends Season 6Respawn/EA

Apex Legends players have uncovered an unusual animation bug that gives Octane ‘infinite’ Stim but he doesn’t actually receive a speed boost.

Ever since being introduced back in Apex Legends Season 1, Octane has become a popular character to main across Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. 

While the high-speed daredevil is a popular legend, he has had plenty of problems in the past – including bugs were players had been unable to reload or use weapons when his Stim was activated as well as having his jump pad not give anyone a boost. 

Now, players have uncovered another slight issue that Octane mains might run into, but it actually doesn’t help or even take away from the legend. 

Apex Legends octane characterRespawn/EA
Octane has risen through the ranks of popular legends.

The unusual animation was pointed out by Reddit user ZyroZen who showcased a clip of it in action during a run around of the Firing Range practice mode. 

While running around, Octane had the Stim in his chest as normal – and his left hand was moving at the speed of light, just as it should when he usually receives a speed boost. However, there was no extra speed to be found in this case. 

ZyroZen even showed off how unusual the reload looked. Where Octane’s left arm should pull the mag out of the gun, it just kept on acting as if his Stim was activated – leaving the reload to happen quite unusually. 

Given that the bug doesn’t hamper, or help, the legend in any way, it might just be a loose bit of code having gone haywire that is causing the actually pretty funny animation to happen to Octane. 

Unless it starts popping up in matches consistently, and really frustrating Octane mains, Respawn might not actually get around to fixing it as soon as something like the Knockdown Shield bug.