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Two simple changes to Octane would be the perfect buff in Apex Legends

Published: 19/Feb/2020 18:07 Updated: 19/Feb/2020 18:09

by Kamil Malinowski


Apex Legends’ adrenaline junkie has often just slightly underpowered to many players, and so fans have provided two simple improvements that would really help the speedster shine. 

Octane was added to the game way back in Season 1, and has quickly become a fan-favorite character thanks to his unique speed boosting ability and quirky voice-lines.

However, quite a few Legends are considered to be better than him now, and fans have complained that he could use some buffs to make him more viable. Many different ideas have circulated around the community, but one user has suggested some very simple yet effective changes.


Respawn Entertainment
Octane was added to Apex Legends in Season 1.

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Reddit user Zzach_in_the_trap shared his ideas on Feb 18, with other Apex fans loving the suggestions.

The two suggested improvements to Octane are that he should not flinch when landing from a high fall, and that his passive should heal him faster with a gold helm or body shield. Both ideas make sense for his character, and are not huge, meta-changing buffs, making them a good choice to give the Legend a slight boost.

By not flinching after landing he would be able to really live up to his speedster background and it would promote a faster pace, and different playstyle by using high drops to the player’s advantage.


I loved the ideas I saw yesterday from you Octane mains out there. So here we go again! from r/apexlegends

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Meanwhile, improving his passive with a gold helm or body shield would allow players to be a bit quicker, not having to slow down for heals once they have found the rare items. This would once again fit the character’s theme of never slowing down.

Both changes aren’t game-changing either – he’d still take the same number of shots to kill and deal the same damage, but could get a new tactical edge, and, of course, go fast.

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Many others agreed with the suggestions, even adding little details like suggesting that Octane should do a barrel roll when landing, or just voicing support with comments like “Please octane buff. The boy needs it bad.”


Respawn have not commented on the matter, but Apex fans will no doubt be looking forward to the next patch to shake things up.