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Twitch streamer compares Apex Legends to H1Z1 after encountering crazy speed hack

Published: 13/Mar/2019 23:01 Updated: 13/Mar/2019 23:03

by Albert Petrosyan


Speed-hacking is one of the more deadly cheating methods in Apex Legends, and the reaction that popular Twitch streamers TrainwrecksTV, Asmongold, and Nmplol, had when they came across it was exactly as you’d expect.

With Apex Legends barely over a month only, it comes as no major surprise that it’s still full of glitches, exploits, and hacks that threaten the integrity of the game.

While many of these exploits are relatively harmless, a few can definitely be categorized as game-breaking, such as the very powerful speed hack.

This hack allows players to move and run around at a much faster speed than normal, which offers them the advantage of being able to get to places much quicker and, perhaps more importantly, be very hard to shoot at.

An example of this hack in action can be seen in the video clip below, which comes from one of Nmplol’s recent Apex streams.

It’s not hard to see why the trio of streamers would be as shocked as they were when the came across a player using this speed hack.

As the player zoomed around at an extremely high speed, Asmongold summed up the situation perfectly: “What are we fighting, Sonic the Hedgehog? What the fuck is this?”

“Ok this game’s done,” said Nmplol. “This game is officially H1Z1 now boys. Everyone say goodbye to this game! It’s over. Once the speed-hackers have it, the game’s done.”

Old school battle royale players will see this comment as a severe insult to Apex Legends, as H1Z1 was notoriously known for its more-than-a-fair share of hackers. 

Jung ParkIf Respawn don’t clean up all of the cheats and exploits in Apex Legends, the game’s popularity might see a major downturn, much like H1Z1.

Of course, the onus is on Respawn Entertainment to help clean up Apex Legends as soon as possibly, as the comparisons being drawn with H1Z1 should send the alarm bells ringing.

As far as cheaters go, the developers have made some progress as they’ve announced that an in-game reporting system is coming soon to make reporting cheaters a lot easier.

However, that is merely a small step in the grand scheme of things, and if Apex Legends is to truly flourish as a battle royale powerhouse, then Respawn have a lot of work in front of them. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends stand by ban after LuLuLuvely reports “innocent” player

Published: 22/Oct/2020 21:39

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment have said they stand by a ban ruling that caused controversy in the Apex Legends community, after NRG streamer ‘LuLuLuvely’ reported a player who protested their innocence on Reddit.

After a hacker mowed down a team of streamers including Lulu, the NRG content creator immediately filed a report to Respawn’s security team member Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford to sort the situation.

According to LuLuLuvely, her claim included a clip that clearly shows the enemy Gibraltar blatantly hacking. However, the person playing Bloodhound alongside Gibby was also ousted.

The Bloodhound, who initially disputed the decision under their Reddit account ‘KongoBoom,’ slammed Respawn and Hideouts for how the process was carried out and reaffirmed their innocence. Their post was titled “Killing streamers got me banned.”

Respawn Entertainment
The Bloodhound player in question claimed innocence, but Respawn’s investigation reaffirmed their ban.

“I’m season 6 / 3 predator with more than 30,000 kills you said I was cheating and in the video everything’s clear. The streamer gave my name mistakenly to the developer, in your email you said I was cheating without giving any proof,” they said.

This quickly set off the community. Accusations of a compromised system, favoritism to particular streamers, or lack of proper handling for bans were all brought up.

LuLu apologized to the player on Twitter, and said she would pass the thread along to get it attention. But, there was still anger about the supposed favoritism to address concerns of streamers, before regular players.

But after hours of community in-fighting and apparent “borderline death threats” toward LuLu, Respawn said they were standing by the decision.

“Regarding today’s Reddit thread from a banned Bloodhound (BH) player,” the studio wrote. “BH appeared to have multiple other banned accounts, BH has a history of attempting to evade bans, BH was partied with the cheating Gibraltar. We stand by the ban.”

Initially, KongoBoom expressed their frustration at the sequence of events. While the NRG streamer indicated that she had no intention of the Bloodhound being banned when making the report, the security team at Respawn have decided there was enough evidence to merit the verdict.

Following Respawn’s statement, LuLuLuvely said “Shame on those who sent borderline death threats to me because of a Reddit post from the guy claiming he was innocent.”

It should be noted that anyone can access the ‘Cheater Report’ Discord channel that’s handled by Hideouts, where people can directly submit clips and evidence of a hacker.

Uproar on this topic has devolved to speculation and accusations outside of Apex Legends and Respawn entirely, but the developers have now concluded this chapter of their long-standing battle against cheaters.