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Apex Legends

Team-swapping Apex Legends LTM could turn bitter rivals into allies

Published: 28/Apr/2020 6:52

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends players could be joining up with strangers to dominate the map thanks to this fascinating new Limited Time ‘Pack Wars’ idea.

Limited-time modes often accompany big seasonal updates in a wide array of battle royale titles. From Fortnite’s popular Solid Gold playlist, to Warzone’s recent spin on the standard Trios playlist. Even Apex Legends jumped on the bandwagon over Halloween with the Shadowfall mode.

After a while of playing nothing but Respawn Entertainment’s standard modes, one avid fan has devised a new LTM that could spice things up in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has seen its fair share of Limited Time Modes in the past.

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Pack Wars: A new Apex Legends LTM

Dropping into the battlefield alone, this new suggestion from 1UpLegend would eventually see players teaming up, similar to an Infection-based mode from other popular FPS titles.


Players would be given the option to ‘recruit’ enemies after they’ve been downed in combat. Instead of finishing them off and moving on, this option would bring them back into the fight as an ally.

Downed opponents will appear with an indicator once they’ve been knocked. This should help distinguish between competing squads, and remaining solo players that are able to be recruited.

The mode would cap each team at a maximum of four players, preventing one squad from overwhelming every other team by sheer size alone.

Reddit: u/1UpLegend
A full overview of the Pack Wars LTM idea.

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How would this LTM play out?

Similar to the likes of Shadowfall, this new idea eventually teams solo players together. Though in this playlist, your first time being downed could lead to an eventual victory run with a new squad.


Rather than growing frustrated at an early death, in Pack Wars, it would only be the beginning of a full run-through any given match.

There’s a chance that some players simply avoid the recruiting option and just outright eliminate all of their foes. However, when it comes down to the last few fights, and they’re the only solo player among a circle of full squads, it’s not going to be an easy battle.

Respawn Entertainment
Converted ‘recruits’ can still be revived in this LTM if they go down again.

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With the launch of Season 5 right around the corner, dedicated players could be in store for a big shakeup.

Respawn Entertainment has introduced more and more LTMs throughout the course of Apex Legends, so perhaps there’s a chance that Pack Wars is on the horizon in the nearby update.