Stunning Apex Legends Bloodhound and Octane paintings leave fans speechless

Connor Bennett
Respawn Entertainment

One creative Apex Legends fan has made in-game characters literally jump out of the game and onto a canvas with stunning paintings of Bloodhound and Octane.

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Since the surprise February 4 release of Respawn Entertainment’s foray into the battle royale market, fans across the world have been hard at work to show their appreciation and love for the popular title. 

Some players have conjured up their own ideas for new in-game content – including new legends and their abilities, while others have decided to dress up as their favorite character. Yet, some have taken things to another artistic level completely – painting their own jaw-dropping watercolors of the Legends.

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Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound has been one of the most popular Legends in Apex Legends since it’s release.

Reddit user abstractmusiq left members of the Apex Legends subreddit stunned by just how good their Bloodhound watercolor painting came out back on April 28. 

The Legend, and their trusty Raven, was brought to life with black, gold, and red colors that made the image really pop – even though there were no Kings Canyon landmarks in the background to make it look like an in-game screenshot made a reality.

Commentors were immediately complimentary, with some posting that they were going to use the post as a new computer wallpaper while others asked if they could purchase a real-life print of the painting for their own home. While abstractmusiq thanked everyone for the initial support, they revealed that their art was not going away so soon. 

Reddit: abstractmusiq
Bloodhound’s usually dark look became pretty bright in the painting.
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After promising Redditors another painting in the future, they followed up with a second piece on May 12, a jaw-dropping take on Octane that made the adrenaline junkie legend look even more insane than usual and quickly took over the subreddit. 

While Octane may have been missing his trusty stim from the forehead, there were little hints of other character aspects that fans were left to find on their own – including his trademark hand gesture.

The painting was also crafted in such a manner that it really made Octane look as if he has just launched off his bounce pad – as a blur-like effect followed in the background, making the image, once again, stand out thanks to its incredible level of detail.

Reddit: abstractmusiq
Octane jumps right off the screen in the incredible piece of art.

What is coming in Apex Legends season two?

While some interest in the once hugely popular title has somewhat waned, there is clearly still a loyal fanbase that remains and wants more from the game.

Those players will be gearing up for Apex Legends Season two, which is set to kick off in June and should bring a ton of new content – including at least one new Legend – to the title in a bid to keep it fresh.

It remains to be seen just what Respawn has up their sleeve for the second round of seasonal add-ons after dropping Octane alongside a ton of new skins back in Season one: Wild Frontier.