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Strange Apex Legends bug lets downed players melee opponents

Published: 21/Feb/2020 12:04

by David Purcell


Apex Legends players that have been knocked down usually use a Knockdown Shield to stop other legends from attacking, in Season 4 it appears that you can actually fight back. 

Respawn Entertainment has never mentioned that a change has been made to the way legends behave when knocked down by opponents in previous patch notes, not even for the new season’s patch, leaving some fans pretty confused about what’s happening in the game since it went live.

It’s difficult to say if it’s actually a bug or a secret tweak that’s been made to the game, although the latter isn’t really something the devs are known for. Patch notes usually cover all bases.


Wraith using her ultimate ability in Apex Legends.
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith has some really useful abilities that are supposed to be in the game, although this one does seem like a bug.

One Reddit user, Kemble95, has posted an interesting video to the Apex Legends subreddit that might well have just revealed a bug that allows players to actually melee their enemies after being struck to the ground.

What makes this bug, or change, so unusual is that since the game was released in February 2019, no legend has ever been given the ability to strike opponents when floored.

However, the glitch shows Wraith pull out a blade on the ground – where you’re usually defenseless – and take down an enemy Lifeline that’s also knocked, but doesn’t have any melee abilities.


So this happened to me today… I feel worse for the lifeline:p from apexlegends

Some players might look at the footage and think it would be a cool addition to the game, which may be true, although there’s definitely an imbalance at the moment if some legends are able to exploit this bug and others aren’t.

There is no mention of the issue on the official Apex Legends Trello board, at the time of writing, and it’s unclear as to how many players dropping into the game have actually experienced problems of this kind.