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Strange Apex Legends bug is highlighting enemy traps through walls

Published: 28/Feb/2020 13:48

by Connor Bennett


An unusual bug is allowing Apex Legends players to see enemy traps through walls – giving them a heads up on the areas that they need to avoid.

The launch of Apex Legends season four gave players of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale a brand new legend in the form of Revenant, changes to the World’s Edge map, new weapons, and cosmetics.

However, it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing for the new season. Players have been reporting bugs like using the Anvil Reciever hop-up and being able to use weapons while waiting for a revive. Yet, there’s a new bug that is giving some players a heads up on where enemies are located by showing off their traps. 


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Apex players can see friendly traps – like Caustic’s Gas – but this bug allows them to see enemies too.

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Being able to see enemy traps is usually reserved for players who use Crypto but, in a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user MukGames showed off the new issue that is letting everyone see them. 

In their video, the Redditor was standing on top of the construction site that sits near Fragment East when they noticed the outline of a Wattson trap. MukGames immediately began scoping in against a wall using the G7 Scout, where the outline of the trap stood. 

As it didn’t disappear, the Apex Legends player scoped out but continued looking in the direction of the trap. Again, its location remained fully visible despite them being stood behind a wall and probably numerous others.


Pylon highlighted through walls, no Crypto or Bloodhound on team. from apexlegends

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Some commenters immediately pointed out that you do have the ability to see friendly traps but, as MukGames noted, their team didn’t contain a Wattson and shouldn’t have been able to see the trap in the distance.

Of course, this shouldn’t be happening but it is difficult to know if the developers are aware of the problem and if they’ve got a fix for it.

As of writing, it hasn’t appeared on their Trello board that shows which bugs and issues that they are investigating, so we’ll just have to wait and see if it gets straightened out.