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Strange Apex Legends bug is giving Bangalore three arms

Published: 17/Feb/2020 9:55

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have come across a strange bug that gives Bangalore a third arm to summon her smoke while still holding onto a gun.

With the start of Apex Legends season four, Respawn Entertainment freshened up their popular battle royale by dropping an all-new legend, changes to the World’s Edge map, and a new weapon in the form of the powerful Sentinel.

While these types of changes are always the most exciting and create hype, the developers also address issues in the form of bugs, instability, and just general quality of life fixes. That’s already been shown to work with the infuriating level 500 bug being sent to the grave, but new problems are still rearing their heads – with fans finding themselves constantly lagging or failing to play a game at all


Respawn Entertainment
Bangalore is Apex Legends’ professional soldier and can use smoke grenades to quickly exit a fight.

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However, one of the less game-breaking and more entertaining glitches has been showcased on the Apex Legends subreddit, with user verytalltree pointing out that Bangalore can actually summon a third arm.

While engaged in a fight, the Redditor emptied the clip on their R99 and tried to back off in order to reload by using Bangalore’s smoke launcher. Upon summoning the ability while reloading, a third arm appeared on the right-hand side of the player’s screen – making it look like she had three arms and hands.

In dire situations you can summon Bangalore’s third arm!! from apexlegends

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Many fellow Redditors saw the funny side of things, making jokes about what they had just seen, but one, TheFuturist_007, pointed out that Octane can sometimes have a similar issue with using his Stim.


Another, newguy208, noted that it could actually be more of an actual animation from Respawn rather than a bug – comparing it to an older Battlefield title that had “intentional weird reload animations.”

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Either way, it’s probably not something that Respawn will probably have to address any time soon unless Bang starts being able to wield two weapons at once. 

For now, though, if you’re a Bangalore main, keep an eye out for a possible third arm. It is pretty funny after all.