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Sneaky Apex Legends Season 4 hiding spots that’ll give you an advantage

Published: 17/Feb/2020 21:40

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players can stay alive a lot longer in Season 4 by utilizing some clever hiding spots spread throughout the World’s Edge map.

There are tons of nooks and crannies in the Apex Games, but players are finding spots that can easily bamboozle or catch someone off-guard for a quick kill or two.

While some players tend to avoid a passive approach to their in-game tactics, hiding spots can be used for more than simply avoiding the Kill Leader in case you happen to come across them.

Respawn Entertainment
Sometimes a good hiding spot can give you an opportune moment to attack in Apex Legends.

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In fact, a lot of the spots that Reddit user ‘KeepMeCrisp’ highlighted can be used to set up traps, catch a team in the middle of a defensive rotation and, of course, take a quick break to heal up.


The first location is in a building south of Fragment East and it’s hidden in plain sight since it doesn’t really aim to obstruct players from seeing you.

Instead, it relies on people to run by and not check it, giving you the chance to catch them off guard.

KeepMeCrisp via Reddit
Some hiding spots in Apex Legends can keep you safe while providing important vantage points.

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Another spot in a building nearby might be familiar for some people since it’s very similar to one that was used at the start of Season 3 when players were first familiarizing themselves with World’s Edge. Known as ‘Bunker 2.0’ when it was popular, the trick makes use of a hiding spot above the scaffolding of the second floor so that you can look down the stairs for an impromptu choke point.


A third good hiding spot makes use of purple lighting and scattered boxes to give people a great corner to shroud themselves from a player chasing or looting.

Finally, the intricate piping and platforms that hold up Champion Banners throughout the map all also provide great places to sit and wait for unsuspecting enemy teams to walk by. Players can use these elements to climb up behind the banners that can also double as a safe place to hide in the open.

Some Hiding spots I used after seeing them on Youtube. Decided to share some. from apexlegends

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