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Apex Legends

Simple Apex legends idea would bring key Warzone attachments as hop-ups

Published: 18/Jun/2021 13:36

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has come up with a clever idea to bring dual wield weapons to the battle royale, however, they’d start things off small.

Ever since Apex Legends launched over two years ago, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s stellar battle royale have been trying to put their own mark on the game.

Many fans have suggested new character ideas, reworks for the current legends, as well as new map layouts, and much more – with Respawn even giving their stamp of approval to a few ideas.

More recently, some fans have been focusing on new hop-ups in a bid to shake up the loot pool and make some weapons even better than they currently are.


Apex Legends Double Tap Trigger Hop Up
Respawn Entertainment
Apex has a wide range of different hop-up attachments.

The most recent idea comes in the form of a dual wield hop up from Apex Legends fan Gibon378. As anyone who has pretty much any other shooter game will know, dual wield allows you to shoot two of the same weapon at once.

It’s become a staple of Apex’s rival – Call of Duty: Warzone – but unlike Warzone, the Redditor’s idea revolves around just the one gun, the P2020.

The hop-up would take the place of the now-defunct Hammerpoint Rounds, giving the P2020 a boost in some scenarios. Though, it would also have its drawbacks. “It would have even higher dps than r99, so it would need slight nerf,” they added.


Hop-Up idea – Dual Wielding from apexlegends

With dual wield, you wouldn’t be able to aim down sight, so the hipfire accuracy of the pistol may have to be looked at. Some players suggested even ditching the hop-up idea and just making it a feature where, if you pick up two of the same weapon, you have dual wield.

Though, many agreed it would be fun. “I think this could work on a brand new pistol that you couldn’t ADS with,” said one. “This would be oddly fun to use late game,” added another.

Additionally, as some players pointed out, Respawn would likely have to go through some almighty balancing changes to make it work, never mind having to change things for legends like Octane who use their hand in their abilities.


It remains to be seen if Respawn would ever try out the idea, but it’s certainly got some players interested.