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Shroud reveals how he improved his Apex Legends framerate

Published: 26/Aug/2019 10:31 Updated: 26/Aug/2019 10:44

by Matt Porter


Michael ‘Apex Legends following complaints that the game doesn’t always look amazing.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale titles on the market, and while it’s been relatively smooth sailing in terms of bugs and glitches, there have been complaints about how the game runs, specifically in certain areas of the map.

While graphics that don’t render properly and framerate drops can be extremely frustrating, shroud appears to have solved that issue with a rather simple fix.

Respawn EntertainmentSome of the brand new skins can be hard to see due to issues with the game’s graphics.

While playing Apex Legends with Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham and Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn, the Canadian took a look through some of the brand new skins he had received in the Iron Crown event, before remarking that they “probably look like shit” to his teammates who play with their graphics settings all the way down.


“I modified the config a little bit to improve my quality,” revealed the former CS:GO pro. “Skins look good, the world looks a little bit better than what you currently are seeing, but it’s still shit. I literally lost no frames, it was great.”

While messing with the game’s files may sound complicated and confusing, shroud revealed the easiest way in which he saw major upgrades to his framerate, explaining: “The new drivers, I downloaded that and I got more frames too. Containment, I don’t even drop frames anymore. That place is hell.”

Thankfully, doing so is easy. Simply head to the website of your graphics card manufacturer, such as NVIDIA, enter the name of the model inside your PC, download the latest drivers for that card, and you should see major improvements in your frames-per-second while playing Apex Legends.


Unfortunately, shroud didn’t show off what changes he made to the configuration files inside the game, but we’ll be sure to update this post if and when he makes them available.