Shroud explains why new Apex Legends map is better than Kings Canyon

shroud (Mixer)/EA

Following Respawn’s revival of Apex Legends’ beloved Kings Canyon, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has given World’s Edge the crown of the best map.

Since February 21 onwards, Legends everywhere have been basking in some Kings Canyon action, after Respawn added the popular map back into rotation for a limited time.

Available until February 24, players can flick between World’s Edge and the Apex Games’ original stomping grounds to their heart’s content.

Apex Legends' Kings Canyon.EA
Kings Canyon has been a highly requested feature ever since they scrapped it for World’s Edge on October 1.

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And while most players are reveling in the nostalgia, shroud has a very different opinion to Solace’s Apex Games arena.

While queuing for a match on the limited-time map, the 25-year-old weighed in and said: “I still think the new map is better than Kings Canyon… It was fun while it lasted, but the map (in my opinion) plays better.”

Grzesiek discussed the rationale behind his decision with former CS:GO teammate, Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham. “There’s a lot of buildings, there’s a lot of cover – and the buildings are big, you know?” shroud opened. “Here the buildings are tiny!”

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While landing near Bridges, shroud continued to argue his case, stating that “World’s Edge just has so much loot” in comparison to Kings Canyon.

Of course, as fate would have it, the Mixer streamer scurried around for loot but was left empty-handed, leaving him unable to help his downed teammate.

Just to add insult to injury, shroud eventually made his way through Caves, where he stumbled across a Supply Bin which ironically gave him a Common Body Armor.

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After snagging the armor, shroud sarcastically commented: “Oh, good old Kings Canyon, how I don’t miss you,” to clapback at the map’s supposed poor loot.

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Needless to say, plenty of Legends will be lapping up each and every second of Kings Canyon during its limited availability.

Although, the map will be returning to the Ranked Playlist from March 24 – May 25, so players will only have one month to wait until they can back into the thick of the action on Kings Canyon.

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