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Shroud explains why hot-dropping in Apex Legends is “stupid”

Published: 26/Mar/2019 23:48 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 23:50

by Albert Petrosyan


Superstart Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is not a fan of the concept of hot-dropping in Apex Legends, and he’s now revealed the reason why.

Hot-dropping is a term in Apex Legends that refers to the practice of landing on certain areas of the map that are known to attract a lot of players from the get-go.

A lot of players like to hot-drop because not only does it increase the likelihood that they will find the best loot, such as in the designated Hot Zone, but it also gives them a chance to get into some early gunfights. 

Shroud, however, does not believe that this is an effective strategy. In fact, the former CS:GO pro contends that hot-dropping is actually “stupid” and makes no sense.

“The hot-drops are stupid as hell,” he said. “Everyone is hot-dropping but they don’t realize how dumb it is to hot drop.”

Shroud believes that hot-dropping in Apex Legends, or landing in contested areas for the sake of good loot, is a stupid concept.

As for why Shroud has such a negative opinion of hot-dropping, he explained that the two main reasons for why players hot-drop are possible to achieve without having to land at locations infested with players.

“There’s no reason to hot-drop in this game at all,” he explained. “There’s loot everywhere, right? It’s all about the same. And each game lasts 15-20 minutes long, it’s not like a fucking hell of a commitment. You’re going to find action regardless.”

“If you hot-drop, you’re going to waste more time trying to get your good action than actually just fucking playing the game,” he went on. “Hot-drop works in PUBG because PUBG takes three million years.”

Prior to breaking down why hot-dropping is not the brightest strategy in Apex Legends, Shroud revealed that his main issue with the concept is that it’s been causing the game to feel “boring” lately.

Since so many players choose to hot-drop, many end up falling in the early stages of each match, causing the middle phase to become both drawn out and devoid of any action. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 8 early patch notes: Legends buffs, bug fixes, more

Published: 24/Jan/2021 15:22

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem update is due to drop on February 2, and although patch notes aren’t expected until right before the update goes live, we already know of a bunch of confirmed changes and fixes coming. Here’s an early look at what the patch notes are expected to include.

Obviously, the main changes will be the addition of the new Legend, Fuse, who hails from Salvo, as well as the new weapon – the 30-30 repeater.

Kings Canyon will also be massively changed, as Fuse’s entrance to the Apex games did not go smoothly and his old friend Maggie crashed the party – literally.

But, the most exciting part of the patch notes themselves will be seeing how Respawn has adjusted the various Legends with nerfs and buffs, plus some of the quality of life changes planned.

Apex Legends Season 8: Early patch notes

New Legend: Fuse

Straight from Salvo, Fuse is an explosive Legend, and his abilities reflect this. He can shoot projectiles from his prosthetic arm, and his ultimate will shoot a mortar-like missile, which explodes into a ring of fire.

Fuse Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Fuse joins the Apex roster in Season 8.

New Weapon: 30-30 Repeater

We didn’t get a new weapon in Season 7, but we are in Season 8. Fuse brings the 30-30 repeater straight from Salvo. It’s a lever-action rifle that packs a punch.

30-30 repeater and battle pass
Respawn Entertainment
The 30-30 Repeater will be added to the loot pool this February.

Kings Canyon map changes

The arrival of Fuse has obliterated Kings Canyon. Original POIs including Slum Lakes and Artillery have been destroyed, and there is a new hue to the map.

Kings Canyon destroyed in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
A massive explosion on Kings Canyon has completely changed the map.

New Season 8 Battle Pass: Mayhem

As always, there will be a fresh battle pass for the new season, which will include over 100 items.

We don’t know if there will be any changes to the battle pass system yet, like there was in Season 7.

Legend changes

These are the Legend buffs and nerfs that Respawn have said will be coming in Season 8. Check out a full explanation and details on each change here.

Note: This is not a final list of all Legends that are getting changes in the Season 8 update.


  • Adding 45 health to her Amped Cover


  • Respawn say they are looking at changes to Wraith’s hitbox, to bring her in line with other Legends.


  • Respawn are looking at nerfs to her tactical ability, but haven’t confirmed the exact changes they’re making yet.


  • Respawn have been struggling to find a good buff for Revenant, but are looking at hitbox adjustments


  • Respawn are looking for ways to make Wattson more fun, without making her more powerful


  • Fix for decoys making footstep noise – this was originally in the Fight Night patch notes, but has been removed and will be coming in a future update, possibly with Season 8.


  • Caustic hammer breaking doors – this was also originally in the Fight Night patch notes, but has been removed and will be coming in a future patch, possibly with Season 8.
horizon nerf apex legends season 8
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon is due for a slight nerf in Season 8.

Quality of Life

  • In-game damage tracker added

Bug Fixes

  • Heirloom store not showing all Heirlooms
  • Players told they are buying Gibraltar’s Heirloom when buying Caustic’s Heirloom
  • Legend skins for Mirage and Bangalore affecting aim down sights
  • Errors relating to private matches
  • Players can’t hear each other in cross-play lobbies

Ranked Play

A new Ranked Series will begin at the start of Season 8: Ranked Series 7. We expect that there will be two splits in the season again, with the first probably on World’s Edge. It’s unlikely that the new Kings Canyon features in Ranked, until players are used to the changes.

Season 8 Collection Event

Data miners have uncovered files related to an Anniversary Collection Event in Season 8. Although collection events typically start midway through the Season, this time it could potentially start earlier, given that the 2-year anniversary of Apex Legends is February 4 – two days after Season 8 starts.

That’s everything we know at the moment about what’s coming in the Season 8 update patch notes.

We’ll keep you updated with more changes as they come, and of course when Respawn releases the full patch notes.