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Shroud explains why he’d rather play PUBG than Apex Legends

Published: 5/Feb/2020 23:04

by Albert Petrosyan


Even with the recent launch of Apex Legends Season 4, star streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek says he’d rather play PUBG if he had to pick one or the other.

Apex Legends and PUBG are among the most well-known battle royale titles, although the two could hardly be any more different in nearly all facets of their gameplay.

While Apex is certainly the more popular game now, PUBG has been around for much longer and somehow survived despite the emergence of several huge BRs, something H1Z1 can’t claim.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends Season 4 launched on February 4, the one-year anniversary of the game’s release.

Shroud, who has played both games for a long time and at a high level, was asked which one he’d go with if he had to pick one”for the rest of his life.”

His answer was PUBG, which may surprise a lot of people since the game’s clearly lower on the totem pole and the Mixer star doesn’t even play it nearly as much as he used to.

“Probably PUBG,” he said. “PUBG has a way more rewarding and satisfying feeling than this game [Apex Legends].”

PUBG Corp.Shroud was once one of the faces of PUBG, as he even got his own customized cosmetics items in the game.

Why shroud would choose PUBG over Apex Legends

It’s clear that shroud enjoys the good feeling he gets from playing well in PUBG much more than in Apex Legends, as well as the fact that you can play solo in Battlegrounds, a feature still not available in Respawn’s battle royale.

“In this game [Apex Legends], you don’t really appreciate anything that just happened,” he explained. “It’s really hard to put a number on it too because there are no solos in this game right? In PUBG you can play by yourself and that alone is pretty cool.”

“PUBG absolutely gives you a much better feeling of happiness hitting a banger or whatever it may be. Bangers are nice.”

(Segment begins at 2:53 mark for mobile users)

After making an impressive play in Apex Legends, shroud pointed out how the result was satisfying but lamented the fact that it simply doesn’t happen enough, or at least as much as it does in PUBG.

“That was satisfying, but you don’t get a lot, that doesn’t happen that much,” he said. “That’s what you want in a game, you want that as much as possible, and PUBG has that very, very well because you can have a Kar-98 and that whole game gives you a chance to have that same feeling, of like ‘holy f**k, I hit a banger.'”

“But in this game, a banger doesn’t matter. Too many bangers in a row is what matters, and to do that is very, very challenging. It’s harder for your average player to come in and get that sense of ‘f**k yeah, that was sick!’ Way harder, probably get that more in PUBG.”

Craftstation - YouTubeShroud’s preference of PUBG boils down to the “bangers” you can hit in the game, especially when using the Kar-98k rifle.

The last point he made was about the level of competition since the skill-based matchmaking in Apex Legends can turn regular public matches into challenging affairs.

“It’s weird, why do they have that [SBMM], it kind of makes Ranked Play irrelevant,” he commented. “PUBG is way more fun than that, I’ll tell you right now, way more fun than that. […] As unfortunate as it is, part of the fun of playing BRs is to sh*t on some noobs.”

However, shroud did also note that comparing the two games isn’t as cut and dry because, again, PUBG offers a solo mode while Apex continues to only have the default trios playlist.

Also, these comments came before he got to try out Season 4 on February 4, so there’s a chance, albeit a small one, that some of these opinions could change once he gets to experience the new content.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev confirms Pathfinder grapple change coming in Season 7

Published: 23/Oct/2020 10:09

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown is set to undergo a change once the Season 7 patch drops. 

As the Apex Legends seasons have unfolded, Respawn Entertainment have made changes to each character – be it to make them a more viable option to use, or to bring them back down to earth because they’re too powerful.

These changes typically come at the start of a new season, but when something seems out of place – like Pathfinder’s long grapple cooldown that has caused the pick rate of the typically extremely popular character to dip quite a bit. 

With Season 6 drawing to a close, a change for the cooldown on Pathfinder’s grapple has been the biggest talking point after it was changed from the typical 15 seconds to around 40 seconds.

Pathfinder using the grapple in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder mains have been begging for a change to his grapple cooldown.

Players have begged Respawn for changes for some time, but with Season 6 drawing to a close, they’ll have to wait until the new season for a change. 

Responding to fan questions on Reddit, Apex Legends dev Daniel Klein confirmed that Pathfinder’s cooldown is in the works. “This patch!” Klein said, responding to a question about changes to the cooldown. “To be clear, that’s the Season 7 patch, coming soon.”

While Klein has given lengthy answers in the past about changes coming to Apex, he didn’t add anything else to his Pathfinder answers, instead, moving to answer questions about other changes as well as detailing why wall-running wouldn’t work in Apex.

Screenshot of Reddit comments
Screenshot via Reddit
Klein confirmed the changes on Reddit.

On top of the change to Pathfinder, Klein also confirmed that Octane is set for a “tiny buff” with the start of Season 7. Though, he did not hint at what the change to the adrenaline junkie would be. 

However, there isn’t all that long left in terms of a wait to see what Respawn has in store with Season 7. Unless there is a last-minute delay or change, the new patch is set to drop on November 4.