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Shroud explains only reason he would play Apex Legends on Kings Canyon

Published: 24/Feb/2020 11:45

by Jacob Hale


After previously saying how much better World’s Edge is than Apex Legends‘ original stomping ground, Kings Canyon, Michael ‘shroud’ Grseziek has explained the one reason he would return to play on the old map.

While streaming with former CS:GO teammate Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham on February 21 on Kings Canyon, shroud explained why he much prefers Worlds Edge, which was brought into the game with Season 3 in October 2019.

From February 21-24, Kings Canyon came back for a limited time and shroud found that he was disappointed with the loot and the structure of buildings on the map and that, in his opinion, Worlds Edge just “plays better.” Now, though, he has said that a recently discovered easter egg on the map could bring him back.


Respawn Entertainment
Many fans were delighted to have Kings Canyon back.

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After being asked whether he would like to keep playing Kings Canyon, shroud said: “No, I’m good on that, but I would like to try the easter egg.”

Explaining himself, he continued: “I didn’t know about this easter egg, but you have to do it with a group, and you can spawn a ‘Nessie’ from the water. Like, a big, giant sea monster. It’s super cool.”

Nessie obviously refers to the infamous Loch Ness monster – a sea monster of the Scottish highlands – and shroud goes on to say how difficult it is to do, and that he had no idea of its existence despite seeing the occasional hints pop up on the screen.


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The easter egg he refers to is one that was only recently discovered, with a video depicting how shooting 10 Wattson dolls in the correct order across the map spawns the monster, which is pretty cool despite its relative lack of importance to the game itself.

Whether there is a particular easter egg on World’s Edge similar to this one isn’t yet clear – it’s very possible Respawn Entertainment have put something in there that players are yet to discover.

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That said, clearly shroud isn’t a big fan of Kings Canyon, and it would be interesting to see whether he kept playing Apex Legends if it came back to replace World’s Edge — if not only to complete the easter egg.


Kings Canyon is expected to come back into the Ranked playlist’s map rotation on March 24… Meaning that if Grseziek is planning on grinding to Apex Predator, he might be forced to go back to the Apex Games’ roots.