Shroud explains one change he would make to Apex Legends supply bins

shroud / Respawn Entertainment

Supply bins in Apex Legends are almost always great to come across – you can easily grab a weapon or shields, and even pull some high-tier loot from them. But, Shroud isn’t completely convinced and has explained one thing he would change about them.

Shroud has played a healthy amount of Apex in the time since its release and has become somewhat of a master player – his Apex Predator rank can attest to that.

With so much time playing the game, it’s fair to say shroud has some clear-cut opinions, and he’s spoken out about what needs to change in Apex Legends’ supply bins.

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Respawn Entertainment
Supply bins are a good source of loot, ranging from weapons, to meds, to explosives.

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Comparing the game to new battle royale title Spellbreak, shroud says: “What Spellbreak does is try to give you better RNG on what you’re missing [when opening a chest], and that’s how the loot bins should work.”

He went on to explain the logistics behind this. “Every loot bin, if you’re missing shield, or you’re missing meds or whatever, it should prioritize that.”

His teammate joked that it “sounds like a lot to ask for” and while shroud initially agreed, he went on to change his mind and say that he “doesn’t think it is.”

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(Timestamp 9:22 for mobile viewers)

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Sometimes the contents of a loot bin can be make or break for your success in the game depending on what you get in it, so this change would reduce the frustrating occasions when you just can’t find the last item you need.

However, RNG is an expected and vital part of the battle royale genre – in itself, the games are supposed to be a little more random than your standard FPS, which is why the supply bins don’t simply give you what you need.

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That said, it would maybe put players on more of a level playing field if they were given items they need rather than just anything that pops up, and it would be interesting to see how that would alter the meta and gameplay in Apex Legends.

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