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Shroud calls for Apex Legends devs to change Evo Shields

Published: 5/Mar/2020 5:51

by Andrew Amos


Apex Legends’ Evo Shields have divided the player base, and while some think they are overpowered, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek says it’s hard to justify getting them over a regular shield unless they make a few changes.

The introduction of Evo Shields into Apex Legends has given the regular body shield some competition. The new shields stack up in power the more damage you do, eventually getting to be more powerful than Gold armor.


While it doesn’t have the added benefits of increased healing, the Evo Shield can be good if you adapt your playstyle from rushing in and farming kills, to poking damage away from afar.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends recently introduced Evo Shields as a new way to armor up.

However, it’s a major adaptation from the style of Apex shroud likes to play. The FPS star loves to run in and style on his opponents, needing the instant impact more than anything else. On top of that, it’s been hard to compare the new shield to the old ones in the Deja Loot LTM.


After fiddling around with the new items a bit though, Shroud tweeted out his own recommendations on March 4 that would help the armor become more viable.

“Apex Legends suggestion: Evo Shield spawns [with] 50 health. 150 damage [upgrade to] Blue, 250 damage after that [upgrade to] Purple, 400 damage after that [upgrade to] Red,” he said.

“If you’re in ring one [upgrade to] Blue, ring two [upgrade to] Purple, ring three [upgrade to] Red.”


Under shroud’s suggestion, the Evo Shield would upgrade after just one kill, if you manage to land all the blows on a target. On top of that, they would also scale into the late game, meaning passive players who lurk around safely will be rewarded for staying alive.

“It credits early fight wins, but by the end of the game everyone has the same shield,” the Mixer superstar added.

It would also solve the issue of trying to figure out exactly how much damage you need to do to get the shield. Although the community has devised some rough estimates, shroud’s Evo Shield would look something like this:

  • White: On spawn
  • Blue: 150 damage dealt, or make it into the first ring.
  • Purple: 400 damage dealt, or make it into the second ring.
  • Red: 800 damage dealt, or make it into the third ring.

However, while shroud has these ideas circulating, he wants to test them in a vacuum ⁠— without the regular body armor ⁠— just to gauge how effective these new shields are.

“This ‘test’ of Evo shields is utterly useless because of the fact of other shields being in the game,” he said, before adding the LTM could have been better. “I randomly thought of this, could be a more interesting limited-time mode?”


Other players have suggested various changes to the Evo Shield, including adding a mechanic that’ll allow players to regenerate the shield without using cells and batteries just by simply killing enemies.

Evo Shields are currently only available in the Deja Loot LTM as part of the System Override event. If you want to try them out for yourself, you’ll have two weeks to do so before they disappear, unless Respawn adds them to the game permanently.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Revenant animation is hilariously spooking players’ dogs

Published: 14/Oct/2020 23:38

by Theo Salaun


Revenant is most certainly Apex Legends’ spookiest character and, as it turns out, multiple clips have proved even his loading screen animation is enough to terrify people’s pets.

It’s October and that means it’s spooky season. Revenant, a shadowy, skull-faced simulacrum character, has been giving Apex Legends’ players the spooks since his release in February 2020. Now, he appears to be taking aim at those players’ dogs (and trying with their cats), as a recent flurry of clips shows that you don’t need to be a human to get frightened by his menu animation.


In the game’s loading screen, your selected character mulls about casually. For Wraith, that means standing about with a concerned, distressed expression. For Revenant, that means being an absolute nightmare, uncomfortably pacing around, and, suddenly, turning into a shadow and running directly at the screen.

That’s a jump scare and a half for normal people, but even more surprising for unsuspecting dogs who just happen to be staring at the screen wondering what their human is so preoccupied with.


As shown in the most recent clip, what looks like an adult labrador is lying comfortably and watching inquisitively as Revenant paces across the screen. Once the simulacrum starts sprinting toward the camera, a cacophony of laughter erupts from the owner as the dog jumps back and does a full spin into a defensive position.

On high alert, the sweet pup is quickly reassured by an “it’s OK,” from their human and you can, for a brief moment, see a sigh of relief in their eyes.

But this isn’t the only time Revenant has scared dogs and their owners, with others appearing to enjoy the sudden spookiness instead of being too scared by it.


In another clip, a happy corgi sits and watches Revenant until the jump scare, at which point they bounce away in fear. Quickly, they complete their spin and return with a few barks and a wagging tail for good measure.

It appears that pets can get a kick out of October theatrics too. And, further, that corgis may be closer to cats on the spectrum of animal companions, as the latter seem to have no fear of Revenant at all.

Revenant can’t even get to the jump scare against a tiny kitten, as the feline decides it would rather hop up and puts paws on the screen first. The moral of this story is clear: should a phantom simulacrum attack your domicile, your dog will get a little spooked while your cat will throw claws.


Fortunately, none of these pets appear to have suffered any real damage from Revenant’s antics. Now Respawn Entertainment just need to add a new animal character so they can get their virtual revenge.