Respawn reveal stats page coming to Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn Entertainment

Following the big Apex Legends Season 2 reveal at EA Play on June 9, lead developer Drew McCoy has revealed that they forgot to mention a pretty big addition coming with the new season – a fully-fledged stats page.

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Since release in February, players have been calling for more in-depth stat tracking in Apex Legends, with the current system only allowing for a very limited view of a player’s career numbers.

Currently, in order to see your total kills, for example, you would have to go through each individual legend and add up their total kills, as statistics are only given on a legend-by-legend basis.

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Respawn EntertainmentPlayers can only see stats for individual legends for the time being.

There’s also no ‘total wins’ statistic anywhere in the game, which is typically one the things battle royale style games are expected to have, as well as other basics like a total matches played tally. 

Presumably, these statistics and more will be included in the new stats page coming in Season 2, which should give players a much better overview of their performance in King’s Canyon.

Unfortunately, in revealing the new stats page, McCoy didn’t go into any great detail as to what it would include, so we can only speculate for now.

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Players will be hoping for something similar to Call of Duty‘s ‘combat records’, which not only provide basic stats like kills, deaths, wins and games played, but also more detailed stats about individual weapons.

For Apex Legends Season 2, many fans would embrace the opportunity of seeing some specific stats about legend abilities, such as kills with Gibraltar’s bombardment, for argument sake, or even stats about equipment and grenades. 

The more statistics the better, as there’s really no downside to telling players how many times they’ve eliminated an opponent with their lifeline care package, for example.

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Fans have even made excellent concepts for stat pages, like this one from u/holmise, showing weapon and legend stats.

u/holmiseThe new stat page could look something like this fan concept.

Season 2 will begin on July 2 – a slight delay from the planned launch of June 18 – giving Respawn plenty of time to design a full-fledged combat record, something players have been asking for since launch.