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Respawn respond to silent weapons bug in Apex Legends Season 6

Published: 25/Aug/2020 10:49 Updated: 25/Aug/2020 10:54

by Calum Patterson


The developers at Respawn Entertainment are working on a fix for the strange bug in Apex Legends Season 6, which is making energy weapons like the Devotion and Volt totally silent in some instances.

This is particularly problematic given how popular these energy weapons are in the new season. The Devotion has been taken out of supply drops and put back to ground loot, while the Volt essentially takes the place of the R-99 (which is now supply drop only).

When an enemy approaches you and starts firing the weapons though, they sometimes turn totally silent, making it difficult to pinpoint where the fire is coming from, and impossible to counter.

volt smg in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Volt is the new energy SMG in Season 6.

Although audio issues are far from new in Apex (silent footsteps are still a recurring issue), silent weapons are obviously a major issue. Thankfully, Respawn are on the case.

Speaking on Twitter, developer Josh Medina responded to Apex player SoaR Kobi to confirm the right people were on the silent weapons bug.

“We [have] some folks working on audio fixes for the devo and volt being silent,” he confirmed.

The good news is we know it will be fixed, the bad news is that we don’t know when. Respawn were very quick to roll out an update only a few days after Season 6 started to fix some balance issues, with the Devotion especially.

But, whether they’ll be as quick with this fix remains to be seen. Typically, the developers will wait until they can package an update with a handful of fixes, rather than one, unless the problem can be solved with a hotfix.

Regardless, it’s good to have confirmation that they’re aware of the issue and actively working to resolve it, so hopefully, you won’t be snuck up on by a silent Volt much longer.

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Apex Legends players angered by Holo-Day Bash skin bundles

Published: 2/Dec/2020 12:45

by Calum Patterson


The Holo-Day Bash event is back in Apex Legends for 2020, running through the whole of December, and has brought back the fan-favorite LTM, Winter Express. Although players are loving the mode, there has also been some controversy over the cosmetic bundles added to the store.

As with each new event in Apex Legends, a handful of both new and returning cosmetics are back, available to purchase as bundles in the in-game store.

Although there are new skins for Legends like Loba and Revenant, and some incredible new weapon skins, there is some disagreement with how the bundles have been put together.

Certain weapon skins are clearly aligned with specific Legend skins, and were shown off together in the Holo-Day Bash trailer. But, these weapon and Legend skins have conspicuously been split up – appearing to force players into buying two bundles if they want the matching skins.

Gibraltar's Holo-Day Bash Apex Legends skin
Respawn Entertainment
This classic Gibraltar skin is back in Apex Legends.

This was first highlighted on Twitter and Reddit, with posts going viral about the seemingly deliberate move to mix up the weapon and Legend skins.

For example, if a player wants to have both Loba’s Legendary skin and match it with the legendary Spitfire skin in the same style, they will need to buy two bundles – while the Crypto skin matches with the P2020 skin in Loba’s bundle.

Skin bundles in Apex legends
Apex Legends / Titanfallblog
The bundles appear to mismatched the skins – and players think it’s deliberate.

“I was willing to pay the 25 bucks for the Loba skin WITH her gun. I’m not gonna break my wallet trying to buy both,” one player commented on Reddit. Other players called the bundles “anti-consumer.”

“It’s bullsh*t for people who bought the collection event last year, too,” another player said. “The new weapon skins are paired with old legend skins, and new legend skins are paired with old weapon skins.”

Season 7 has already had a couple of other monetization-related issues in Apex Legends. The most notable was due to a change to the battle pass system, which made it harder to level up at the same rate as past Seasons. Players accused the developers of doing this to encourage more people to buy levels.

Then, there was another issue after the price of the Legendary Hunt skin bundle was increased from 6,000 Apex coins to 7,300 without warning. However, Respawn later clarified that this was a mistake, and would refund the difference to anyone who had paid the higher price.

It’s unlikely the arrangement of these bundles are a mistake however, or will be changed. But, feedback from players may make the developers consider their bundle arrangements more carefully for future events.