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Apex Legends

Respawn promise fix for Apex Legends bug that causes Gibraltar and Caustic to die instantly

Published: 23/Apr/2019 16:19 Updated: 23/Apr/2019 16:35

by Eli Becht


Caustic and Gibraltar players in Apex Legends might have experienced a bug that instantly kill them, and Respawn have now announced that a fix is on the way very soon.

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Fans of the ‘Thicc Bois’ in Apex Legends were in for a treat when both Gibraltar and Caustic received buffs in the v1.1.1 patch.

Each Legend gained a passive ability that granted 10% damage reduction, but it looks like that has created some unforeseen bugs that cause them to bypass the downed state and go straight to death.

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What does the bug look like?

The bug circulating of late makes it so that both Caustic and Gibraltar skip the downed state, regardless of whether members of the squad are remaining or not.


Twitch streamer Kephrii encountered the bug in a recent stream when he was playing as Gibraltar and died despite having teammates left and little left of his shield.

He posted a clip to Reddit where it was first dismissed by an Apex Legends developer before he went back and watched the video, realizing that the strange happening was indeed a new bug.

“Of course I did the dumb internet thing where I didn’t watch the video and made a comment,” he wrote. “[Okay] now that I’ve watched the video, it does look like the bleed through can instantly kill you. I’ve seen this bug before in testing and we’ve fixed it but it looks like the fractional bleed through is triggering it again.”


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When can we expect a fix?

Apex Legends receives updates at a much slower clip than a game like Fortnite but with a bug like this, we can probably expect a hotfix to roll out as soon as possible.

The developers didn’t give a solid timeline for when we can expect the bug to be squashed, but they did assure that it would happen soon.

As for fixes to things like hit registration and slow-motion servers, the developer confirmed these are being worked on but also don’t have timelines for a fix.