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Respawn explains strange G7 Scout issues in Apex Legends

Published: 22/Apr/2020 1:56

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community noticed that the G7 Scout wasn’t exactly behaving like other rifles, and a Respawn developer explained why the gun’s “inconsistencies” aren’t a bug.

Members of the community noticed that the marksman rifle considerably slowed down their characters when aiming down the sight (ADS), as opposed to other Assault Rifles (AR). They were convinced it was due to a bug until an Apex dev responded.

Respawn Game Designer for weapons David ‘AmusedApricot’ Bocek clarified any confusion about the Scout’s effect, explaining that it was purposefully placed due to its unique classification.

Respawn Entertainment
The G7 Scout is now classified as an Assault Rifle, but still holds its Sniper attributes.

Although the G7 Scout is considered an Assault Rifle, it behaves similar to a sniper rifle, but that’s because the weapon is still meant to be a marksman’s primary weapon.


“It’s not really a bug, although it is inconsistent with other ARs,” AmusedApricot said. “I would like the Scout to be in a “marksman weapon” classification or something, but then it’d be the only one and that’s not really great, so for now it’ll just have some inconsistencies with typical AR stats.”

The dev explained that the scout is supposed to have “tradeoffs.”

Scout strafe speed is bugged, still having sniper ADS walk speed. from apexlegends

The weapon is plenty strong to hold its own, and it has incredible range, so the team at Respawn left the slow ADS movespeed that a typical sniper would have.

A clip captured by user ‘slickwhelp’ showed them holding a G7 in the Firing Range ADSing to the right, while a Bloodhound trailed them with a different rifle.


The difference in movespeed was noticeable with the Scout player getting a slight head start on the other person, a few moments later they were left in the dust, relatively speaking.

slickwhelp via Reddit
It didn’t take long for the other rifle to outpace the other Apex Legends player.

“According to the Apex Gamepedia, the ADS speed for Mozambique is -0%, even though it’s a shotgun,” user ‘PaulpFiction_’ said. “And the RE-45 is -5% even though it’s a pistol. So it’s just another exception that proves the rule IMO.”

In a heated gunfight, expect a G7 to give you a ton of stopping power at varying distances. But just remember, that looking down the sights will influence the ADS movement accordingly.