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Apex Legends is finally getting a report system soon

Published: 7/Mar/2019 9:46 Updated: 7/Mar/2019 10:43

by Joe O'Brien


Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that a system for reporting cheaters in-game will be added to Apex Legends.

The prevalence of cheaters has been one of the biggest complaints Apex Legends has faced since its release.

Respawn have stated that they have in fact been taking action against cheaters, revealing that they banned more than 16,000 players in the first week alone, but players continue to run into suspicious activity.

While cheating is an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of almost any multiplayer game, the main reason players have found it so frustrating in Apex Legends is that there is no in-game report function by which to alert the developers to a suspicious account.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends recently hit a massive 50 million players worldwide.

It is possible to report players suspected of cheating, or other infringements of the game’s rules, but doing so requires going to the EA website and filling in a form.

Fortunately, this issue does look set to be rectified. Apex Legends Product Manager Lee Horn confirmed that Respawn have heard the complaints and will be addressing them soon.

“A more detailed post about cheating is coming, so I don’t want to steal [Community Manager] Jay’s thunder, but a reporting feature is definitely on the way.”

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While no exact ETA for the feature has been confirmed, players can likely expect more information quite soon. Respawn Associate Producer Josh Medina confirmed that a “state of dev” update coming “this week” – presumably, therefore, by March 10 at the latest – would cover “other subjects not pertaining to balance”, which seems likely to include addressing the cheating issue.

Respawn Entertainment are also expected to reveal more details regarding Season One, which is believed to be releasing on March 12, although no official date has yet been confirmed.

Apex Legends

Best Legends to use in Winter Express LTM in Apex Legends

Published: 5/Dec/2020 12:44

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends’ Winter Express LTM is chugging along as a part of the Holo-Day Bash event, but if you’ve never dropped in and want some tips on which legends to use, we’ve got you covered. 

With the Holo-Day Bash event returning for the 2020 holiday season, Respawn Entertainment have also brought back the Winter Express limited-time mode. Though, some fans criticized them for “recycling modes, this year’s iteration does include some interesting changes.

The mode is completely different from the typical battle royale gameplay you’re used to in Apex. Your team has to take control of the train that used to chug its way around World’s Edge – all while dealing with preset loadouts and enemies who are contesting for control. Plus, there are a few issues with friendly fire now, too. 

As it’s so different, your usual main Legend might not be as useful here, so here are a few tips and the best characters to use, to help you pick up more wins.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Winter Express is back, and its as enjoyable as ever.

In terms of the best Legends to use, you may have to switch things up from who you would usually use in the battle royale mode. For example, Lifeline is great in duos/trios, but she’s not really needed in Winter Express as her healing abilities are rather useless here.

Caustic is probably the best legend to use, given that his gas is an absolute killer in the tight spaces. Similarly, Rampart’s amped walls are useful too, especially if you’re camping the train. 

Wraith, as always, is a stellar choice because her portal can get you out of a sticky situation – of which there are plenty in Winter Express. Additionally, Crypto and Wattson are good choices. Crypto because the drone can be used to auto-scan enemies, while Wattson’s interception pylon nullifies everyone’s stack of grenades.

Best Legends for Winter Express LTM

  1. Caustic
  2. Wraith
  3. Rampart
  4. Wattson
  5. Crypto
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic is a tier 1 legend when it comes to Winter Express.

Don’t head right for the train

While the name of the game is capturing the train, that doesn’t have to mean you need to land there. You can easily land just off to the side for a cleaner start to looting, and then work your way over. 

Plus, if you do so, you can annoy enemies who try to capture it right away by disrupting their progress on the capture. 

Additionally, if you are going for the train, it’s best to attack from the front. Players will be expecting attacks from the side and the back, but the front is often forgotten about. So, use it to your advantage. 

Of course, you might have your own tactics for dominating the LTM, but there are some general tips everyone can follow, which you can find right here

The Winter Express and Holo-Day Bash event are set to run for another month, until January 4, so you’ve got plenty of time to hone your skills and pick up wins.