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Respawn address Apex Legends hit registration issues after Season One update

Published: 21/Mar/2019 11:17 Updated: 21/Mar/2019 11:40

by Joe O'Brien


The major Apex Legends update that introduced Season One seems to have had a negative effect on the game’s hit registration.

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The “Wild Frontier” patch was the biggest update to Apex Legends so far, introducing the Season One Battle Pass and a brand-new Legend, Octane.

Unfortunately, since the update arrived, players have begun to notice that their shots aren’t always landing as they should be.

Former Overwatch League pro and current solo kill world record-holder Lucas ‘Mendo’ Håkansson was quick to identify the issues in the wake of the Season One launch, stating that hit registration felt “insanely off” and putting the problem down to the increased server load from people jumping in to try out the new season.


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Respawn EntertainmentOctane is the first new Legend to join the game since its release.

Mendo wasn’t the only player to notice the issues, however. Apex player u/cyberzak was able to capture an instance in which it seems clear that their shots with the Longbow connected with the target, in one instance even showing sparks as the bullet connected with the enemy Pathfinder, but no damage registered.

Hits not registering since update? from r/apexlegends

Multiple other commenters have also reported similar issues with hit registration in the days after the Season One update.

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While these are anecdotal issues and could theoretically be problems on the players’ end rather than with the game itself, the number of people suddenly complaining of poor hit registration after the major update makes it seem likely that there is indeed an issue on Apex’s side.


Fortunately, it seems like Respawn are already exploring the cause of the problems. Community manager Jay ‘Jayfresh’ Frechette has confirmed that the development team are “looking into it”.

How long it might take to identify and address the cause of the hit registration issues remains to be seen, but players can at least be sure that Respawn are in fact working on a fix.