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Apex Legends

PVE mode potentially coming to Apex Legends according to leaks

Published: 20/Mar/2019 12:00 Updated: 20/Mar/2019 14:15

by Paul Cot


The Apex Legends leaks are coming thick and fast, with the latest suggesting that PVE (player vs environment) options could be coming to the battle royale game.

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For those who don’t know, PVE refers to combat with a computer-controlled enemy. These can vary from soldiers, animals and monsters. It is the latter that would tie in with Apex Legends the best.

Among other findings, a recent data mine has unearthed the potential addition of PVE combat, but little can be gleaned from the files other than their existence.

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Is a PVE mode coming to Apex Legends soon?

However, the file names include the PVE prefix followed by “button”, “cannon”, “hub”, “matchcandy” and “squad”. Theoretically a file can be named anything and provide an entirely different purpose.


With that said, the most interesting of these are cannon and matchcandy. This could suggest the potential for a cannon within the game (to kill computer-controlled enemies) and a reward for doing so, in reference to the matchcandy name.

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It is also possible these files are given vague names to minimize the information or even intentionally throw data miners off.

Alternatively, these could be files from Titanfall 2 or the scrapped Titanfall 3 (which became Apex Legends) which have found their way into the Apex Legends code.

Nevertheless, if a PVE addition to Apex Legends is coming in the future, it highlights the big plans EA and Respawn have for the incredibly popular battle royale game.